6 February 2020 | By: Writing Buddha

13 Years Back.... on 6th Feb, 2007..

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Some people ask how in this worst do you survive… How do you live the way you do.. Do I ever answer to back my lifestyle? Do I have arguments to make? I do but do I have time to explain? If I even explain it to them, will they understand me? Is my past of any relevance to anyone? Does anyone else’s past affects me? Temporarily, it does. But permanently, it is only our life that matters. A soul protected within these muscles, bones, skins with blood flowing all around with a cycle of air coming in and going out. This is all that we are and this is all we should be believing in. Some days in your life remain with you no matter how many years pass. They just don’t leave you at all. They want you to be reminded of your vulnerable self. They tell you where you were and what you are and what you can be.

Should these days be kept with yourself or left behind to be forgotten as many small moments of your life? I think not. 6th February, 2007 – The day I was been called back home from hostel as I was portrayed by the nature of events as someone who is cheating onto everyone on the name of studies but doing everything apart studies. People see the prima facie and judge you. I was considered to be a bad son – a bad student – a bad individual. No one ever tried to get into what made me go to that level which took away my identity of a student and left me with unclear future. When you don’t know or you can’t comprehend what your next step would be or what you would like to become in life, it is such a dangerous event. No one should ever face it. I say it now because I faced it.

The city Pune from where I was brought back still remains to be a city where I wish like proving myself again and again. I am just not satisfied with whatever I have. I wish to do more. I wish to show it to the city that it deserved me. I deserved it. Life deserved me there. The world could have happened there. The city could have fallen in love with me. I could have fallen in love with the city. Alas! All that went into vain because I was termed to be someone who liked sleeping in hostel or surfing Internet in cyber café but not attend college. No one bothered to ask why I did what I did. There was just perception. The perception that took another 2-3 years for me to come out of the day that changed my life for worst.

But now on 6th February, 2020- after 13 years, when I look back, I find that some days are meant to be bad to churn out good out of you. Some days are meant to be life-changing to make you realize what being a failure is. Some days are needed to be the days that turns out to be page-turners in the book of your life. These days needs to be kept cherished in your heart always. No one needs to be blamed for it. Because that’s how life unfolds itself. Some good! Some bad! But in the end, it leaves you more educated out of the decisions you yourself make- out of knowledge or out of ignorance. But it’s you. People can take away from me the days of success but I shall never give away the days of these kinds which have made me less vulnerable today and more educated of myself. I cannot guide someone else’s life but surely, I can manage myself with more maturity than before. This day and date shall always stay special in my heart no matter whatever I achieve and howsoever high I climb the ladder of success. That’s all I have to say on this day after 1.3 decade.



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