28 January 2020 | By: Writing Buddha

The Smart Balance by Ankita Aurora (Book Review: 4.25*/5)

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1st Book of 2020! 

There is one thing for sure that awareness does make some impact if not much. I have read many books and articles on various topics where the author/writer has spoken many things on why to do something or not to do something. After some time, I, obviously, don’t remember all that they had said but atleast something from their book or article which stays with me and keeps on enforcing me to do right things. One such topics in recent times on which awareness is necessary is reducing the usage of the digital mediums that we use for our entertainment and I am glad many authors are writing books on the same. One such book which I just completed reading which is also the 1st book of this year for me is Ankita Aurora’s “The Smart Balance” which is published by BlueRose Publishers in around 225 pages.

Speaking about this book, I am very glad that this book has new offerings than the other books which also speaks on the same topic of teaching readers to ensure that they are not getting too slaved by the digital devices around them but are also trying to be with people and nature around them. Generally, all the books only talk about Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram etc. whereas this book covers all kinds of digital medium which takes away our attention and ends up making us either mentally or physically unhealthy.

Author talks about how obviously social media are taking many of us towards depression considering people projecting themselves as happier than they are and the people consuming these contents feeling that they have nothing around to rejoice. I liked this whole section with which author started the book as author talks about many factors which are so true when we access Social media accounts. Post this, the whole video gaming fantasy has been discussed which made me understand the impact of it. This chapter made me realize that the book is speaking more than just Social media and Mobile phones.

Author also talks about how smart learning through technology is a great thing but how gradual the growing process of children has begun as they are directly given things on plate rather than them searching for the same and learning many other things in the process. Author also talks about the role of technology and its impact in our workplaces and from this chapter, I understood the kind of impact just reading and writing emails can have on us and our breathing. I am in a profile where I only have to scan mails and reply to them regularly and this chapter proved beneficial for me as I understood what I am losing by doing this basic task itself.

The book also talks about the diseases and health issues that we are ending up having just because of our unwanted extreme association with digital world – along with this we also get to know the new diseases that have got introduced in the medical field due to this. It is really scary to know about the consequences of being tech-savvy. And in the end, author talks about how we can balance the technology with our life and ensure that we are not impacting our life due to the inclusion of the same and I really found the section as a great solution provider of this major and dangerous concern. I liked the term “Digital Detox” and found the tools mentioned in this section which really seems easy to follow and you can sense its benefits. The last few pages tells us about the sources which helped author to draft this book.

Overall, this book is a knowledgeable piece of advice which all of us should take for ourselves and our next generation. I give this book 4.25* out of 5.



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