19 February 2020 | By: Writing Buddha

When you have already been at the lowest point in your life..

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There was a time in life when I had lost everything. I can’t say that someone else had looted or betrayed me but life took such turns that I landed up in a situation from where coming out seemed to be an impossible task. At that point of time, I wasn’t studying at all. I wasn’t meeting anyone. I wasn’t socializing. I wasn’t talking with anyone through my mobile phone. I was just an isolated soul always thinking about what has just happened with me. I never thought about the future- what it would be. I never thought about past- about what things led me to the place I have got trapped in. I was just clueless- living in the moment with no vision, mission, goal, target, ambition- or whatever you call it.

I just had one basic requirement and that was- I am unable to study and I don’t want to study. Just imagine how scary and horrible those days must be! Today, when I look back to that person in his late teens struggling to make decisions and take ones which would take myself ahead- I feel so vulnerable thinking about it even now- when I believe that I am in my best frame of mind. There is always comparison with myself so I always know where I am standing and is this enough to lead or say, in the worst scenario, survive. If I feel I can, I just take everything at ease and do the things required to do to ensure that I am not regretful later on that if I could have or I should have done that then the things would have been better today. I just don’t want to question my decisions anymore.

I only know that my vulnerable self those 12-14 years back was the state where I had nothing more to lose. I have carried myself from there and did 8 years of education after that which can be easily termed as above average student life considering my extra-curricular activities and achievements outside of college through this medium of Blog too. What a motivating phase that was! A person who was been isolated was rubbing his shoulders with the celebrities whom he watched on television, movies etc. and idolized. Wow! And now when someone tries to pull me down, I don’t care at all. For me relationships matter but not as much as I give value to myself. I know, people will change once they are on their ego trip or I am not at the status I am.

God forbids, but suppose if I am unemployed for 6 months, will the people around me see me with the same respect or excitement they show today while meeting me or when my name pops up in any of their discussions? Not at all! I would be given as an example of how useless or foolish a person can be to take such decisions in life which transformed successful factors into the failure one. Today, I know that you can’t pull me down at the lowest because I have already seen that. Now, the strings are in my control. I know when to pull them, relax them, stretch them or cut all ties with them. I have become a person who just doesn’t get betrayed by anyone. I am the one who is betraying myself day in and day out. That’s another tale. Let’s not touch it today.

All I want to say is that when you have seen your lowest, just ensure that things are now being decided by you for your life and no one else. You know how weak you were in those situations when you felt nothing good happened with you – just don’t let that phase revisit you again. No one can take decisions on your behalf. No one can make you fall down. It should always be your call. Take your calls and be proud of them. Never abuse yourself for being wrong. Remember – too many wrongs make you understand what actual Right is. Be proud of making mistakes. You are doing it to yourself- at least that’s great. If someone else does and goes away, that is too frustrating. Love life and lead your life.



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