1 January 2020 | By: Writing Buddha

Remembering 2019 and Welcoming 2020 in my own way...

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The idea of New Year is so intimating, right? I always wait for the New Year whenever the countdown starts and I believe in starting a New Year with celebrations- be of whatever kind they are rather than just sitting like every day and treating it very casually. Last night, I went to a hotel to celebrate it with my friends, ate a lot, danced a lot, roamed on streets, sat under the clouds, enjoyed the cool winter breeze and felt all the vibes that kept telling me that there’s one more chance to up your game and better yourself and become what even you have not thought about yourself.

Because I reached home late and also as I am running with fever, I took a good sleep and woke up on 1st January, 2020 in afternoon after which I lived the 1st day of the year by reading a bit, now writing this blog post, meeting my friend and talking about life and its challenges, breaking up with one best friend due to a decision I took last year which went wrong though I don’t regret much about the decision, went for jogging for an hour, worshipped two temples and thanked God for taking care in 2019 and assured the Supreme power that I’ll do the best I can for the universe through my small life, laughed, cried, wished many people etc.

Thanks to my office that I get leave on the first day of the New Year otherwise I heard that many people have to work even on the 1st January. Since childhood, I don’t remember a single day when I had to go to school/college/work on the 1st January and wish that this shall continue till I am on the planet. Haha! Living the 1st day as per your wish has its own charm in itself which can’t be described. It is a time when you sit and think a lot about how the previous year was for you. I am very happy with 2019 as it gave me a lot of opportunity to grow myself professionally and personally.

Talking about professional life, I got a great appraisal and promotion and loved it. I also learnt a lot of new things as several tasks came onto my desk which I had not performed earlier. In the 1st half of the year, I handled client in an unexpected way but improved myself in the 2nd half of the year and ensured that client is happy with my way of conduct and it also reflected in the way days started getting spent in the office. Earlier, I made friends in office which made tasks difficult but this year, I managed to keep things professionally itself which resulted in better management. It was a good year in terms of work I am doing and I hope this year shall provide me more opportunities in office.

Talking about blogging and reading, I managed to complete the target of 52 books and learnt a lot from them. I also saw a lot of stuffs online- movies, web series, reality-shows, vlogs, motivational videos etc and wrote about them. Talking about the blog, I managed to write only around 75 posts which is the least in any year since I started blogging back in 2009. This is because most of the times I didn’t want to fake myself up and write positive things when actually I was going through negative and stressful period in my life. Now when I was self-introspecting today, I felt I should have handled the conditions better which has made me turn on the laptop and write 1st blog post on the 1st day of the year even when I am going through a rough phase now. Also, I am happy that this year, I didn’t only write blogs but posted a lot of stuffs on Instagram too and got opportunity to do product reviews etc. Saying everything, the landmark of 1800th Blog Post got achieved this year.

Coming down to my personal life, I got great experience of traveling to Sri Lanka- my first ever international trip. Though I didn’t write and share much about it but will do so once I get better. I also travelled to Delhi and met my childhood friends there and it was a beautiful time spent with them. I got to drive long from Mumbai to Nashik/Shirdi and loved doing 500 Kms in two days. I got to meet my idol – Robin Sharma who gave me new life a decade back when I had no purpose. I also attended two beautiful concerts- Kumar Sanu and Adnan Sami and both were cherishing time spent. I again got an opportunity to attend an episode shoot of Kaun Banega Crorepati and experience Mr. Amitabh Bachchan for 4 hours in front of me. This shall stay unforgettable and best moment of life.

We got our home renovated again. I purchased a new mobile for myself. I started the habit of jogging and running as a new lifestyle and I am enjoying it. I started consuming Black Coffee without any sugar etc. to avoid getting more fats. I made my dieting stronger which was very tough for me though it didn’t affect my body shape a bit. Haha! I have also started drinking only warm water. I stopped consuming cold-drinks every now and then. I only have it occasionally when I have no other options available. I started dancing just for fun and not professionally which keeps me excited and shared few of my clips on Whatsapp status and Instagram too. Haha! These are small things which got initiated in 2019.

The best thing about 2019 will always be the Youtube Channel named- Writing Buddha that I started and recorded around 5-6 videos for it. I request all of you to please support it and help me in growing the same.

Now talking about 2020:- This Year and This Decade is going to be great for me as I am in my 30s now and living it shall be about more maturity and zeal as there are certain things I didn’t do in my 20s due to the stress of studies, career etc. but I am going to make up for all of them in 2020. The 1st goal is to get the best version of my body shape for which I have already started jogging, running, exercising. As I said above, my Youtube channel shall be of great concentration for me. I shall be focusing on completing 1900th Blog Post this year. I would again be reading 52 books this year. I shall be attending the events etc. which shall help me experience or meet more celebrities. Instagram shall also see around 100 influencing posts. Meditation shall be part of life which I couldn’t do much in 2019. I will be traveling more and I think what I didn’t do in last decade, I would be ending up traveling more than that in this year itself.

And best of all of it, I am going to be part of 5 AM Club which Robin Sharma has been endorsing for so long and finally I would not be Night Owl anymore and would be Early Bird very soon. This year and decade shall more be about transformation. I am going through some rough patch which I believe should get resolved as soon as possible because now it’s high time that I take it as a negative thing altogether. I will let you know once this concern becomes history and I hit the end of the tunnel for the same.

With all of this, I would ask all of you to also share what you have in sight for this year and decade so that we get more ideas on how we can make our year special. In the end, I wish all of you a very Happy New Year 2020 and hope that all of us grow together in this and stay connected through the multiple platforms on which Writing Buddha is available.

Thanks a lot for reading the complete post.


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