4 August 2018 | By: Writing Buddha

My 3rd Job Anniversary!!!

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Yesterday, I completed 3 years of my work experience and I am very glad that I have been able to sustain myself to this theory of working incessantly without getting demotivated with all the external factors which pops up as hurdles in between of this journey. Working for any organization is a journey you begin which has no destination and final goal but still you have to keep moving on daily basis. There is no one who will appreciate you for your good moves but you will surely be pulled down even for one single mistake you commit in a long time. And seeing many young crowd around me of my age or below my age losing their patience and leaving the organization in between of their commitment tells a lot about how uneasy and uncomfortable this path is. But earning money is necessity for survival and because the less gifted and skilled people like me do not have anything to do on their own, we have to commit ourselves in working for someone else in exchange of that definite amount we get at the end of the month. What can be a bigger motivator than money to do anything? Bloody nothing I tell you. Haha!

For these 1st 3 years of my job, I have been with my first employer itself and I have identified it that you need to give some time to an organization to understand how it works and why it does certain things in a manner which we feel is weird. It is only after the right time do we understand the important of all those decisions taken. We are naive and our vision can never be as forecasted as of that entrepreneur or founder who has been running his organization against all odds from all these years producing so many things out of nothing. You should consider this space as your own world and that particular person as the Supreme and consider all the rules created by him as your own rules. And then, only then, are you able to forget all that is happening outside your organization and your focus would be only on your organization and basically, on the skills that you need to build up regularly to bring it up on the table as a team member. When you focus on this particular aspect, it’s not only the growth of the organization but yours too. So if not for organization, do it at least for your own good and selfishness.

Another thing that I have learnt in the job is that never tell the person on their face if they are right or wrong. Let them pass their statement, consider themselves as the victor, leave the meeting room and let all your actions and project’s success speak for itself. Most of the time that people waste in their 8 hours of job life is in bitching about this or that colleague rather than regularly building themselves as an asset for the organization and the project. Be a fruitful employee. Understand that there is some cost incurred by the organization in having you in their set of people and you need to stand true to your potential. Any impression that the company makes of you in the interview room, you should leave with at least 2x of that impression whenever you think of moving on to the next employer. So stop thinking much about how you were been contradicted or pulled down in the meeting room or how the other person went away with all the credit of the success. Remember, your work should be enough strong for anyone else to take away even an iota of your creation. Today, no one can deny that Virat Kohli is the reason for multiple victories that our team experiences every now and then. This is the place you need to be in your project team. Yes!

Doing mistake is not a mistake. Repeating a mistake again is a mistake. If you are not improving yourself daily and it’s the same fault that takes place repeatedly, your performance and inclusion in the team is gradually becoming a liability for the organization. Would you like any liability in your life? It’s worst, isn’t it? More worse than that is being a liability yourself for someone else. Stop being that and start changing your process and modus operandi of work so that the mistake(s) happening by you stops in the future and you are able to make new mistakes which makes you learn more new things.

And the last lesson that I would like to share with you is:- “Do things before you are asked to do”. Many employees in an organization are able to create something which no one else is. Everyone comes with their unique skill sets. But still rather than keeping their thing on the table before anyone else, they wait until someone asks them to do because their philosophy of work is “Itne paise mein itnaich milega” which is the worst thing that you will regret in your late 30s when others below your age would be getting those bigger promotions while you would be crawling for that mid-managerial position. The things that you are capable of, keep identifying the same, and giving the organization or your project before you are even asked for. That makes you a Go-to man and people will start considering you as their mentor irrespective of your age or designation. And when that happens, you become more responsible for the things that you do in your 8 hours of job and thus, you start becoming the zenith people always wanted to have around.

There are many more lessons I have learnt in just 3 years and I am hopeful that the professional life will give me enough experiences to end up having the state of mind which I have never been in. When your job speaks without making sound, it is the best meditation and people around you can also feel that the enlightened one is around them. This spreads the positive vibes across the whole team. That’s the power of just focusing on yourself rather than the non-performers around you. Yes, your work might get stuck because of some dependencies on these non-performers but that’s the time when you can move on doing something else which is still free of anyone’s inferiority. Your job is to keep moving and not get stagnant for no matter what happens around you. Appraisals, promotions etc. will come your way either today or tomorrow, with this employer or next, but the lost time in which you did not learn or did something above your potential will never come back which will hurt you till your retirement. This has already been understood in 3 years. That’s what a powerful job does to you. :-) On this occasion, I thank my employers and my team members for helping me evolve from a fresher and trainee to a contributor in the team. Let’s go to make the 4th year another exciting year of this experience.

Bye! Thanks!


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