3 September 2017 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: A Gentleman: Hit and Miss stuff! ***

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I prefer Varun Dhawan’s over-acting than Siddharth Malhotra’s under-acting any day. I have never understood how girls find Siddharth so handsome and deserving that they go and watch every movie of his. Anyways, I watched his latest flick, A Gentleman, which comes with a tagline “Sundar, Sushil aur Risky”. This movie is kind-of convincing and bearable as it tries to show the same Bollywood stuff in a different way. The fresh treatment to the old concept is what makes A Gentleman little different from the other movies based on the concept of double role.

There are two Siddharths in the movie in the respective characters of Gaurav and Rishi. One of them is nicely settled in a corporate job with al the checklists accomplished to be called a perfect husband material while the other one is a killer who works for a badman and never fails to kick the asses assigned to him as tasks. Haha! The final revelation of this double role is disclosed in the interval itself making the audience ask for more in the second half which makes the job of the directors, Raj and DK, more tougher which is the ultimate reason why this movie is not as best as it could have been. The first half is very nicely handled with the parallel scenes of both the characters shown. It also had songs, dance, romance, comedy etc. to make it a perfect entertainer.

But after the revelation of the secret in the midst of the movie, the second half is more about the same Bollywood stuff when it comes to action movies: cracking some big building with high level of security to get something that can change the course. The action scenes aren’t something to die for but they are still satisfactory. Talking about the performances, Siddharth Malhotra seems to have improved his acting skills. He is convincing in both the characters. Jacqueline Fernandez is nicely cast opposite him who makes the screen glitter with her presence. Suniel Shetty is doing what he did in Main Hoon Na with different accent here. Darshan is also nice as villain. Dialogues are okay. Overall, this is an okay film. I give it 3 stars out of 5.



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