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The Jeera Packer by Prashant Yadav (Book Review- 4*/5) !!!

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It’s not always that you come across a book by a debutante which makes you sit at one place in your bedroom and go on reading despite IPL running in the other room. That’s the magic Prashant Yadav’s “The Jeera Packer” does upon you! If you ask me what I did for 8 long hours- read a book or watched a movie, the way this book has been written, my answer would be- I watched a wonderful movie which never felt stretched or boring. It only made me appreciate the protagonist and become his heart and understand his body language and mental state in each and every page. I have not read many political thrillers but reading this one makes me want to read from Prashant Yadav only as I do not think any other writer can do such justice to the genre. If there’s any, do let me know.

The writing style is intriguing which makes you turn page as fast as you can. The book didn’t have much twists and tales but yet, it made you watch out for what is going to happen next. The characterization is so beautiful and perfect that even when a character disappears and reappears after 50 or so pages, you remember him clearly. For few characters, you just desire them to appear as soon as possible as you want to know what their thoughts are at this point of time in the story. The best part of the writing style of Prashant Yadav is the way he has narrated the story of protagonist as first person while switched to second and third person for narrating the sequences taking place with other characters. I also liked how the two different scenarios are integrated in middle of the story with a plan that protagonist decides as his ultimate goal of life. 

The first half of the book is little slow but it is mostly spent in developing the characters hence it is also fun in reading as we get to know a new person every now and then. The backdrop of each personality is described in detailed so that the reader gets to know why they take a certain step later in the book and do not find it weird. The background of Uttar Pradesh is also treated perfectly and very well in the book. I, being from North India, could really relate with many parts of the story. It also made me remember the movies like Wasseypur, Revolver Rani etc. The family of both, the protagonist and the CM, is very nicely maintained throughout the book. 

The pre-climax is very nicely treated as author closes down each and every chapter intelligently making it sure that he does not miss out on something. The climax is predictable and not that boomerang but still it makes you smile that the protagonist did not have to go through the kind of severity you kept predicting since the start of the book. The humor level in the expressions of the characters during few scenarios does refresh the mind of the reader who is awaiting a thrilling scene. Another treatment for which I would specially like to quote author is for the character of Lal Mani. What an incredible work done on this part! Overall, this is a book that can really enrich your mood. I give it 4 stars out of 5. 



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