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3 And A Half Murders by Salil Desai (Book Review- 4.25*/5) !!!

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It has been the 2nd time that I have read a thriller by Salil Desai and now I can claim that I am his newest fan in the list. What an author! When you write a thriller, you have to make your reader crave to know what’s going to happen next and make him/her die to reach the climax of the story. Salil Desai makes you tempt for this with his new book “3 And A Half Murders”. The journey of reading this book has been one of my best reading experiences because of the way Salil has treated the plot. The role of Inspector Saralkar has made this series one of the most awaited for Salil’s fans. The way the character has been executed by the author is incredible and delighting.

Salil Desai’s writing style is very convenient for any reader to read. The book is a great package that can be completed successfully in a single sitting despite it being 330 pages thick. The way author narrates a chapter and by the time the section reaches an interesting level, he changes the chapter and starts talking about a totally different scenario. This makes the narrative more interesting and intriguing. The built-up of every character is nicely done which makes you understand their psyche and intellect. Right from the chemistry between the dead couple to Saralkar and his wife to Saralkar and Motkar etc., every conversation that takes place between these characters are worth reading. 

The best part about the book are the one-liners and punch lines that Saralkar keeps on making sarcastically either to Motkar, his wife or the suspects. Even the scenes of the interrogations are nicely written which makes them sound real. The way one or the other clues leads the Police department to their next investigations makes the story nail-biting. The anti-climax and the climax are nicely executed unlike the last book in the Saralkar series where the climax was quite predictable. The unpredictability and the backdrop of the criminal make the climax unbelievable and astonishing. The book impresses the reader with the final revelation. Overall, 3 And A Half Murders is a book that is in my recommendation list for the readers. I give it 4.25* out of 5. 



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