15 March 2017 | By: Writing Buddha

Open-Eyed Meditations by Shubha Vilas (Book Review-4*/5)!!!

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If a book has the word “Meditation” in its title, that’s enough for me to pick it up. And what can be more exciting than picking up a book titled “OPEN-EYED MEDITATIONS”. The cover page of the book is another impactful factor for having this book in your hands written by Shubha Vilas, who is very well known for his “Ramayana- the Game of Life” series. The book is exactly what it claims to be- it provides practical wisdom for everyday life. Shubha Vilas has this amazing hone of writing the complex topics in such simple words that even a na├»ve knowing nothing about it will grasp the whole thing as he wants to convey through his writings.

After reading two fiction books written by him, this was a very different experience and in the spread of 64 chapters, the way author has been able to cover so many diverse topics is commendable. The small chapters make it easy for reading this book section by section on daily basis. The way author has explained the topic with the mix of mythology, religion, spiritualism and practicality is what makes this book a Win-Win situation. The book discusses about many day to day problems that we deal with which can be easily solved by applying various tools and methodology. The secrets are explored in this book that will surprise you about the easy solutions that the author provides.

Author has talked on almost all the prominent issues like right decisions in life, relationships, love, self-control, the Ravana in us, needs, wants, our opinions and decisions, being offline, horoscopes and its belief, leadership, innovation, dealing with provocations, personality traits, jealousy, Communication sutras, mistakes, assumptions, success, thoughts, friendships etc. The suggestion or advice that the author shares in the box at the end of each chapter sums up the whole learning from it which you can remember for life and apply whenever you are in the said situation. This is one book that needs to be in your shelf and at the top-most position so that you can pick it up any time as it has repeat value. I give this book 4 star out of 5.

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