17 April 2017 | By: Writing Buddha

A Thousand Times Over by Sudhanshu Bisen (Book Review- 3.75*/5) !!!

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One of the few authors whom I always look forward to read is Novoneel Chakraborty because his books are so strange and the plot is so different and scary that it makes me think about the story day and night. There have been times when I have not slept whole night because of his book and yet attended college or job the next day with sleepless eyes and mind. I found another author speaking the same language as him in this latest book I am done reading named “A Thousand Times Over” written by the debutante, Sudhanshu Bisen. The book is published by Fingerprint and comes with the tagline “Never lose hope in true love”. 

The book is of just 225 pages or so but its after-effect is wonderful and if an author succeeds in doing that, there can be no better compliment for him/her. The narrative is so apt that the author manages to hold you right from the first page itself. The book starts with describing how a character is ending up seeing the same dream again which is incomplete and scares her off. After which the book becomes an emotional and regular stuff of a family and by the time the 2nd half begins, the book takes the thrilling posture at its reader’s face. This is what makes this book glorious, readable and one of your new favorites. As a debutante, the magic woven in this book in terms of narration, language, emotions, characterization, pre-climax, climax, twists and turns is commendable and clap-worthy. There is nothing that the author has left in writing this book. His passion for this ambitious book is quite evident in all the pages. Yes!

The way two different stories are narrated one after another and the way it gets connected together in the 2nd half scares the reader’s mindset who never imagined that this is how the two different stories will get woven into one. The teen love story is handled with such maturity that it never sounds cliché. Similarly, the strange relationship of a married couple is also described with subtlety. And later on, when the husband discloses the reason of why he ends up sending a divorce request to his wife and the way story changes after that mesmerizes the reader in you which searches a good package in every book that he picks up. The thriller part in the end does not do the justice to the whole of the book as it becomes quite cliché at that moment but still as a debutante, this is a great stuff. I give this book 3.75* out of 5.



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