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Ravindra Rao: "I am a pariah in my own family"!!! (Interview)

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Recently, I read a very interesting book based upon Bhagavad Gita named "19th Akshauhini". It was an unique approach that I found in all the recent books that are based upon Gita. Hence, I thought of having an interview with its author, Haribakth, and know more about how he ended up writing such an informative book. Read the interview to know more about the author and his first book. 

1. Hello Ravindra, how do you feel after finally becoming an author now? What changes do you find in your life or lifestyle?

I feel nice because I am able to do what I had wanted to do since past 8 years. I see myself more as a reformer with logical or rational bent of mind unraveling Gods mysterious words than   an author. Changes in life style have been made but attributable to more time available at my disposal rather than being an author.  Mind set too has changed so too outlook with writing my first book. With the template devised Most of my questions are answered. I am no longer in doubt. 

2. Our Indian society makes it very hard for us to choose a way which is uncommon. How hard was it for you to leave your job to pursue your passion of writing?

It was very hard not because of multitude of responsibilities that lay ahead but due to lack of courage. Responsibilities did make it hard but they are external. The Internal fears bogged me down more.  

3. What made you to decide to write under a pen name and not with your own name?

I am completely under the hypnotic charm of my Lord and used that name when I first signed in for an email account. All my subsequent email ID’s has that component. When writing about the pastimes of Lord Hari, It is but in fitness of things that my name should be Haribakth. 

4. Tell us something about your book- 19th Akshauhini.

It  is a  tribute to the Lord and His words , that made me name the book 19th Akshauhini. The parallels are uncanny. The God and His words are imperishable. The God left for His spiritual abode, but left His immortal words for the solace of likes like me. His words being invincible unlike other akshauhini’s which perished, the book is named 19th Akshauhini. Because it is a template of logic/algorithm for unraveling God’s words, Algorithm of the Gita is part of the name of the book. The title of book aptly conveys the treasures hidden within. 

5. What made you write book on this topic out of all the topics in the world in spite of knowing that there are already several books on the same topic?

There are umpteen numbers of commentaries on Gita and all of them can be pigeon-holed / classified under 21 different types.  But this book is radical and revolutionary in the sense that It is not a commentary but a guide to interpret/understand Gita in its resplendent Glory and in wholesomeness. Based on this book, as many commentaries may be written as there are number of persons in the universe and all of them could be valid. These facts were needed to be brought out and I was the Chosen one. How can I make that claim? Gita has been in existence in recent times for the past 5300+ years but no one has seen it the way I have seen it. I am a mediocre person with normal IQ level and could not have unraveled them but for Illumination by the Lord Himself. 

6. Weren’t you scared before getting the book published if a certain section of society might not find your views appropriate?

Truth has to be told. I am a pariah in my own family. I have told it as tactfully as my intelligence allowed me to. 

7. Do you believe only in Hindu scriptures or do you also spend your time reading books on other religions too?

I believe in the words of God. God is not necessarily Hindu or God of only Hindus. What has been said by God in one scripture (of any religion) is not different than what has been said by God in scriptures of another religion. It may have been interpreted differently by different people belonging to different faiths. The Litmus test to determine whether it has been correctly interpreted the scripture (of any religion) or not is given in my book. They have not been concocted by me but quoted by God Himself. The reference thereof is given. 

8. How has been the contribution of your daughter, Vaishnavi, helped you in completing the first book of yours successfully?

She is a good artist. The adage, One good picture speaks more than volumes of text has been proved by her in her illustrations. The credit for all the illustrations is to be attributed to her. The Idea or concept was mine. But it was she who breathed life into the characters and the book. The background, how to deliver birth to my concepts was visualized by her. But for her, the book may not have appealed to a large segment of the public. 

9. How hard was it to find a publisher for your book?

It wasn’t difficult, because I was googling for publishers the moment I started writing. The entire exercise of completing the writing has taken one year. Due to the time lag, It can be seen that in many places, continuity is lacking, though it makes little difference considering the nature of the book. 

10. Any words for your readers?

Apart from Words of gratefulness and thanks, I request them to read it with open mind. Read it and judge it independently without superimposing it on your pre-held beliefs or indoctrinated opinions of great personages or Guru’s. Reject my contention if it does not appeal to your logic or intellect but not because It has been said by Guru X or Guru Y . I would love to read a new commentary on Gita  by any of my readers  in light of my views in the book. God bless all of them. 

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