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The Patient Patient by Tushar Rishi (Book Review: 3.75*/5) !!!

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I have read many books based on the topic of the deadly disease "cancer" in both the genres: Fiction and Non-fiction. Recently, I picked the book written by the debutante, Tushar Rishi, named "The Patient Patient". It's a fiction book but basically based on the author's personal experiences. Seeing the cover page of the book, I wasn't much pragmatic about the content but after I begun reading the story, it just kept indulging me in its words and sentences. I had assumed that the story is going to be very boring as its all about a cancer patient's journey and struggle in a government hospital but to my surprise, Tushar Rishi have written this book in a very natural manner without asking for any sympathies from his readers for the protagonist. 

The protagonist is dealt as if he is just another boy and not a cancer patient. This is what makes this book so special. Also, cancer is not spoken of in every alternate sentence but as a theme in the backdrop. The characterization of every character is very well done even in this small story that you can relate with each and everyone of them. I liked how the story begins very normally discussing about the school/college life of Sameer and suddenly the medical examination and everything comes into the picture after which the life changes for him. The struggle that a person has to go through when he gets detected with a deadly disease is beautifully discussed. The tryst with government hospitals where they give such dates for appointments which only worsen the patient's situation is also narrated fearlessly.

How the whole family and even friends get affected after a person's struggle with the disease starts is described in the book. The character of Rocky, Sameer's parents and Aditi is so well described that you can understand the plight behind everyone's situations. The plus point of this book is the humour and one-liners that Tushar have inserted between dialogues and scenes which makes you smile, giggle and laugh even in between of some really serious moments. The blog posts that are mentioned in between of the chapters are a great read. The way protagonist speaks about his pain can be felt. This book can be read in just one sitting because of its simple narration, good humorous fillers, emotions and fine content. I give it 3.75* out of 5.



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