22 October 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: TVF Tripling: Emotional, Nostalgic, Perfect!!! ****

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The Viral Fever is the first Youtube Channel I fell in love with. But it started with the one gag videos that they used to make imitating someone or making fun of current scenarios in India. And later, they started creating web-series in few episodes which I ignored currently as I wasn't used to watching such stuffs. But I started with Permanent Roommates and since then, I am unable to stop myself from watching web-series made by Indian creative teams. The latest web-series which I ended up watching in one-go is TVF Tripling which is based on the road trip of siblings including two brothers and a sister. 

The good thing about TVF web-series is that they don't only concentrate in being funny in each and every frame but ensures that they even touch your heart with it. This makes it special for the Indian audiences. TVF Tripling has many such moments. The elder brother has come back to India after divorcing directly to the club where his younger brother works as a DJ to earn little money and survive. As both the brothers have different lifestyles, there are many laughter moments whenever their conversations take place where they are arguing with each other on some topic. They march on the road trip to meet their married sister. And finally, all three of them are on the road trip in their TATA Tiago sharing their moments and reliving their younger days when they used to be together.

The series is very well scripted in terms of screen play and the episodes duration and content- everything is proper. The starcast is amazing. Everyone in their role have expressed very well on the screen. The conversation between the siblings speaks the truth about how the brothers and sisters talk with each other now-a-days. Even the elder brother gets surprised by the details of sex etc. that the younger brother asks to their sister. The last episode when the siblings reach their parent's home, the conversation that their father have with the boys is another special moment in the series. The another beautiful scene is when the siblings have some quality moments in the night around a bonfire. 

The production value of the series looks very expensive and that's obvious as TATA Tiago is the sponsor. And the money is utilized very properly with great scenes and decorations. Also, not too much time is spent on scenes inside the car. Talking about the drawbacks- the car stealing section was totally unwanted and wastes too much time in something which is not even funny. Except that, I didnt find anything purposefully inserted for stretching the series. I give this series 4 stars out of 5. I really enjoyed it and I am going to watch it many more times in future. 



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