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Review: Pink: A movie made with grace!!! ****

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PINK: 4/5

Very rarely do you witness a movie that is based upon something that has to be preached to the society urgently and still it doesn't sound that preachy. And this can happen only if the script is very powerfully edited and refined to make sure that the scenes speak in itself rather than the repetitive dialogues about how a certain section of society is suffering. Pink is made in such a great manner that it keeps you engrossed throughout even when you know about what it is going to deliver in the second half. A film becomes much more interesting when you know the end but director has written the screenplay in such a great way that you are still committed to see what different might happen at any point of time. 

PINK is one of the best movies made recently and it tells us about how women are looked in the society in a very effective way through some normal and courtroom scenes. We get to know in the beginning of the movie that the three girls have run away from a place after one of them have hit a guy on head with a vase because of which he have gone through stitches. Now the boys are behind them and doesn't want these girls to stay in peace. After this, the trouble begins in the life of girls after which the retired lawyer, played by Amitabh Bachchan, decides to fight for these girls and show the society how the girls are been dominated for no wrong of theirs. And since then, the movie just keeps getting better with each scene. 

The dialogues are very effective. The way the character of Amitabh Bachchan comes to an aggressive and dominating state from a hopeless and tired one is a great thing to experience. The movie shows how there are two types of male in the society- the ones who are trying to pull her down while the others like Amitabh Bachchan and the landlord who is not throwing them out of his house even after listening bad things about them. Such small things have made this movie such a divine release in last few months. The role of all the three girls, specially, Tapsee Pannu, is perfect and powerful. All the other castings are also genuine and fine. Pink is a movie which has to be watched by everyone with their family. It has taught us many facts about ourselves. The only drawback I found in the movie was the time spent in showing the angle of Amitabh's sick wife. It only bored  and distracted us from the main topic. 



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