4 October 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

Happy 27th Birthday to me!! Really?

1501st BLOG POST -->>

Celebrating birthday with my parents
27th Birthday- or u can say the Late-20s era where you are troubled or questioned about marriage from every other person you know or meet. I have been very happy since last 5-6 years and each birthday has been celebrated remembering the achievements that I have won in the past one year. This time there has been nothing as such because of which it has been mostly like just another day even when I tried to feel good by reminding myself every hour that it's my birthday which comes once in an year. When you start doing job, you just want excuses to feel better about the day because there's nothing really that can make you feel great about your days; even if it's your birthday and you receive 1000s of messages and 30-40 calls. Now, I know that many people will jump in saying the same cliche caption "Do what you like so that your hobby becomes your profession". But the truth remains the same that only 0.000001% find job in their own profession. Am I not right?

I am in that phase of my life on my 27th birthday when almost everything seems to be imperfect to me. The way I am performing professionally. They way I am handling my personal life. The way I am managing my blog that not even a single post has been updated in the month of September. The way I am behaving with my family is also not the way I generally do by cutting myself off from the conversations and replying only when I feel that it's needful. I am not THIS! It's not that bad phases have not come in my life in the last half-decade but there has been one thing out of these many which was always conducted rightfully by me which motivated me to manage the other things which weren't doing good. This time almost all of them seems to be drowning and I am unable to save even a single piece of my life. 

I have always believed in God and I have left everything upon him now. If God is throwing challenges upon me, then as said in M S Dhoni movie, I will duck at every bouncer rather than trying to play each one of them and end up making a big mistake which sends me back to the pavilion. And I believe that life should sometimes come at this stage so that we come to know how strong and weak we are. I am identifying how weak a person I am these days. The things that used to make me laugh and smile are unable to ripple any effect upon me. The things that used to panic me have broken me into many pieces; at last. And all of these pieces are scattered and out of my reach. I can only see them broken but can't do anything about it. The days of depression are back after a lot of years and I hope I come out of it fighting back like I did earlier when the condition was worst than now. 

I didn't know that I would be writing my 1501st Blog Post on the day of my birthday but I think what's written is written. What has to happen happens on its correct date and time. Similarly, I feel that whenever these broken pieces of my life will have to be fixed will get fixed. I should not put much effort and go with the flow of life. The only thing that mooted me from all of these was reading books which I have stopped. I have just begun reading back and I hope some or the other sentence from one of the novels will change my life once again like a book of Robin Sharma did the last time when I was struggling with my life. On this 27th Birthday, I pray and wish that I become more stronger professionally and personally so that I do not have to see such days for the same reason again. 

Sorry for the sad post but reality cannot be ignored. 

Thanks for suffering this post.


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