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Review: Azhar: Not exactly a biopic!!! **½

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AZHAR: 2.5/5

       After Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, any film-maker thinking of making a biopic and specially on a sportsperson should make it clear that the execution should not fail even for a single scene as audiences have become quite high-demanding now. "Azhar" teaser did make us believe that something substantial is coming but after watching the movie, I must say that it's less like a biopic but more of an inspired movie from the life of the cricketer; as said in the disclaimer before the movie started. The movie is basically passionate in telling only about how Mohd. Azharuddin wasn't involved in match-fixing for which he was blamed since a long time. The whole movie is shot mostly in the courtroom where the dramatic trial of the case has been shown.   

            Emraan Hashmi has been the only saving grace of this movie as he has been able to play his part sincerely and perfectly. For most of the times when he is on ground, he definitely carries the same body language as Azhar's but in rest of the scenes, he is not trying to imitate him which saves him from embarrassment. The effort of Emraan is visible in every scene. After him, Prachi Desai and Gautam Gulati have also played their part beautifully. Rest, every actor seems to be making a joke of them. Majorly, the actor playing Azhar's lawyer. The courtroom scenes are so funny and idiotic that you would want to play Candy Crush rather than watching it. 

             The movie confuses a lot because of its screenplay which is very weak. The regular shift of timeline while telling us about Azhar's main life events kills the excitement of what's going to happen next. The dialogues in the movie are nice but not very great. Music of the movie is wonderful. Rest, I must say that Azhar can be missed as it does not have anything new to offer except Emraan Hashmi's acting. I give this try 2.5 stars out of 5. 



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