9 March 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

Why we insist to learn from our OWN MISTAKES??

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     There used to be a time when I gave free advise to few of my friends whom I found doing something which I had already done in life and suffered because of it. I wanted to protect them from the upcoming unfortunate result of their activities which might affect their future. But with time, I found them ignoring me and doing the things they wanted to do. I realized that it is my mistake to interfere in their life and ask them to change their way of living just because I feel that doing certain things aren't moralistic or simply, right. For me the result might be a shock and regret in life but may be for someone else, it would be something he must be desiring for. I might not like finding my medical report claiming failure in one of my kidney due to heavy drinking habits but for someone, it might be something he wished due to poverty he's facing daily. With time, I saw many of them realizing their mistake only after they got the result which affected their life so badly that it took them months to revamp and return to their normal schedule.     

            We, human beings, have become so self-dependent that we think we shouldn't take any kind of advise from anyone just because we have reached so far on the basis of the decisions we have taken all by ourselves. We do not try to learn from the experiences of few who have gone through worst and best than us. We do not want to even ask them to save our life from getting ruined before getting diverted to a path which only has darkness in the future. Self-realization is the best phenomenon which prepares you for the rest of your life but some times reaching this phase takes almost your whole lifetime and you regret not listening to your family and friends when they were out to help you even at oddly hours. 

           I tend to take my own decision in the end but it's definitely influenced from all the advises I get from the people who have walked the same path more efficiently than anyone in my knowledge. I try to evoke all their wisdom through many questions that I have in mind before executing the same act myself and changing my life for something good or bad which isn't in our hands. You ask someone to ride bike at a respectable speed of 50-65 km/hr. You ask someone to quit smoking and drinking. You ask someone to stay away from having random sex with different partners. You ask someone to stop spending too much money in celebrating weekends. You ask someone to take care of their health rather than indulging themselves in bad eating habits. And just wait to hear their response. You will get to hear such an ultimate life-gyaan that you will either hit yourself hard for even trying to pacify the person to change his habits for a better lifestyle or well, hit yourself. 

           Considering these people as an example, we should come to the conclusion that we should not wait from taking precaution until the same unfortunate event happens with our life. We should learn to learn from someone else's mistake rather than testing our life with weird experiments which somewhere in our heart even we believe is not totally right. I have suffered a lot in life as I was busy in massaging my ego and over-confidence but the experiences have taught me that trying everything in life and learning through its experiences is not always an optimum way of self-improvement. Hence, reading biographies and autobiographies, watching biopics, talking with wise people improves our vision towards what exactly living a simple yet delighting life is. Talking with idiots will only lead you towards destruction. Period.



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