31 March 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Don't be EMBARRASSED about your DEPRESSION!!!

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        Last night, I was seeing this interview of Deepika Padukone that she gave to Barkha Dutt. It wasn't about how successful she is. It wasn't about any of her movies. It was not even about how she struggled to be a model or an actress. It was about depression that she suffered and how challenging it was for her to deal with it. I found the interview so true and powerful that I wished to write about the same and discuss it with my readers here. If you haven't seen that video then please see it once. India is rated to be the most depressed country in the world. Every 4th person is depressed in our nation. Yet why aren't we talking about it openly? Why aren't we treating the depressed person as someone who is just as normal as us? There are many such questions that our society will fail to answer.

         Whenever someone is depressed, he is either termed as loser or coward. No one tries to come near someone who is crying day and night and has no other purpose in life at that point of time. Some parents or family members believe that the person is either going through a break-up so let's not get into it so that it doesn't get reflected as an encouragement to it. By the example of Deepika Padukone, one thing is clear that anyone can go through the state of depression. There's a myth that a person having lots of wealth and fame and success would never get into depression. But that's not true. Even the person who cracks a lot of jokes in your friend circle can be a patient of depression. It does not have any particular symptom.

         Anyone who feels that he cries without any reason, who feels empty even when in public, who feels lonely even with lot of friends around, who feels unsuccessful even after passing an exam or a promotion in office should readily accept that there's a sort of depression in life and it has to get treated just like malaria and typhoid. People think that they would be termed mad or psycho if they will get appointed to a psychiatrist for next few weeks/months. But it should be understood that such complex can make the situation more terrible. Few people feel like committing suicide even when a small incident takes place in their life. This can be really tough for a human's life. And it shouldn't be ignored. 

         I have been a patient of depression. When I first told that a psychiatrist would come to see me, I was shocked. I wanted to tell my parents that I am not mad and I can understand everything as powerfully as before and like normal people. But my family doctor made me understand why dealing and talking with psychiatrist would make me feel much better. And it happened exactly the same way. My first meeting with the doctor made me feel little better and I started feeling confident that there is someone with whom I can share whatever goes in my mind as he will understand me. I started doing the same and the solutions that he gave me for everything started changing my thoughts. In few weeks, I started feeling playful as before and every negative thoughts swept away from my mind.

          His medicines made me feel better throughout the day. I started feeling energetic and happy throughout the day while another dose at night used to make me sleepy and I started sleeping at right time. Such was the power of the treatment which brought me back to my world. Since that day whenever I find someone who does not have any serious problem still finds him/her in terrible brainstorming situations with self, I suggest them to see a psychiatrist without feeling ashamed. Though none of my friends have listened to me till date but I am sure about myself that the next time I feel low and crying, I will visit the psychiatrist and tell him everything that's in my mind because I know what the meetings does to a person who starts feeling bad about self and life. 

            Depression makes a person silent. It asks you to get into your room and cry when there are 100s of people wanting you to step out and enjoy the world. Sometimes no one appreciate and mind your existence which leads into inferiority complex. There are such varied issues which ruins your life and lifestyle. Sometimes 1 year while sometimes a decade goes for a person to come out depression. That's because consultation is often avoided in such situations. Let people laugh at you for being treated by a psychiatrist but remember, that's the only way for you to get out of the mess you have got trapped into. If you do not believe me, at least listen to this favorite actress of yours in the video provided above. Don't be depressed. You are not meant for it. That's all I would say before leaving.



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