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Interview with the author, Piyush Naik!!!

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Piyush is one of the youngest authors in India who debuted in the field of literature while they were still in school. He has already written 2 books and run his own book promotional website named The Word Bite with his friend. I got to take his interview at the time of the release of his 2nd book. Let's see what he has to say about his writing career in this very short interview.

1. Hello Piyush. How did it come in your mind to write a novel at the age of 17-18? 

Hi, My girlfriend died, my parents found out that I was into drugs. Okay whatever I said before is a joke, don’t take it seriously. Life doesn't need to be this dramatic for a person to become an author, I started writing because my heart got stories which I needed to tell the world.

2. How much change do you see in yourself since your first book to this one? 

A lot has changed in me, time teaches you a lot. I cannot measure it in numbers or anything but i can just say that some changes happened in me is for good.

3. “Bizarre Emotions” is a very wonderful novel. How did the story come in your mind?

 I’m glad that you enjoyed it. Well it was just a normal day when i heard the news of Nirbhaya on TV and that incident struck me. And call it a gift of God or anything but this story just came to me.

4. How long did it take to write this one? And what approach did you follow while writing this thriller?

 Well the thinking procedure took longer, after the story was in my head; it hardly took some 2 months to pen it down. And talking about the approach, i just did one thing. If it does not amaze me it will not amaze any reader. So till the time i wasn’t happy with the chapter i would keep on writing it again and again. 

5. How hard it is to write a thriller? 

Well it’s not that much hard, you should just know, ‘What to tell?’ ‘When to tell?’ ‘Why to tell?’ & ‘How to tell?’

6. I found a bit of Chetan Bhagat and Ravi Subramanian in your writing and plot. Are you really influenced by them?

 I would not say I’m influenced by them but yes they inspire me a lot.

7. Tell us something about The Wordbite. Is the portal helping you in promoting this flick of yours?

Wordbite.com is an Entertainment site and a marketing company. I along with my friend Rahul Marar have started it. The motto of wordbite.com is that it should have something for everyone. Being my own company it is my promotional partner.

8. Have you started working on your 3rd book? What is it based upon?

 Well yes i’m working on it, it will be a sequel to my first book ‘Oops! I fell in for DON’s daughter’ and second book in ‘oops! Series’ and it will be different this time, and it will have the flavours of oops and hangover of Bizarre Emotions. It will also be a Romantic Thriller with a twisted love story.

9. Any word for your fans who liked Bizarre Emotions? 

Believe in yourself, no matter how bad the time is... it has to change one day!

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