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Strings of Friendship by Mehul Kaku (Book Review- 2*/5)!!!

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      Picked up another book and completed reading in a single sitting. Mehul Kaku's 184-pages novel "Strings of Friendship". I should compliment and pat the author for challenging himself and not only have he written this book but also published and now marketing it. It need guts to singlehandedly make your book reach in the hands of customer. The cover page of the book is surely compelling and you will pick it up to read the story of 4 boys shown jumping in front of a sunset scenario. The publishing quality of the book is also fine. I just wonder why Mehul didn't care to introduce himself in the book. 

         Mehul's writing style is very simple which will be helpful for starters to pick this book and get into reading. I found the writing very normal because of which I also felt that the story-telling lacked that finesse which I usually search in a book. His characterization is wonderful and I should applaud him for making it clear in the mind of readers what his characters are like. I can easily find the characters in the people around me which also shows how this book is inspired hugely by the people around the author. 

         Story starts with a prologue where you find tension bursting between a couple. Later on, the story goes into a flashback where the protagonist remembers his 4 friends from school with whom he learnt having alcohols, caught by a garden-owner, enjoyed sunsets etc. The story starts well but it loses the track after a point of time. Author just told different scenarios of friends but never connected in together in a single plot which could make it easier for you to understand what he is trying to tell you. Just describing the relationship among friends isn't something that can make a story strong and memorable. There should have been some twists and tales.

         Therefore, I again got intrigued in the book when Ali starts telling his whole story. In that particular sub-plot, you will find many different cases which makes you happy that finally this novel is giving you a feel of story-telling. Therefore, I would like to declare that Ali's part is the best in the book and if not for anything, read this book for that particular narration. Later on, Robin's narration of his tale also sounds so mechanical that you could not enjoy it. Why would a friend explain his peers how he built a car? He can simply tell about few challenges. Still, the reaction from his friends after he finishes telling his journey could have stolen the show. But there's no reaction and next chapter begins. 

          Such mistakes in story-telling dissatisfies and you feel the loopholes very obviously. As this is the first attempt of the author, it is understandable and I would like to suggest him to read few books in the genre before scribbling his next one so that he can get an idea on how to embrace few scenes and make them special for readers. Currently, I would like to go with 2 stars out of 5. But starters, good book to start your journey with reading.



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