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      A group is formed when certain people meet together and find commonalities between them. They start sharing their previous experiences. With it, they also start planning how they are going to enjoy certain moments together. Memories keep getting added and the love happens. A group is formation of pure love is what I personally feel. If there is no love from either of the two sides or many sides that a group has, the relationship in the group does not sustain for a long time. It is said that every relation comes with an expiry date and it is 99.99% true and I totally believe in it. Therefore even if I am in love with someone and I know that I see my life with her, I am always prepared for that moment when I'll realize the separation is near. it pains less. It hurts less. Don't expect and you are always on the right and happy path. Expect and you will find hurdles all along your life till the end. 

          A group should understand that in success of each other is the ultimate success of the group. If we start pulling each other down by passing comments, hurling taunts and underestimating the potentials, we are weakening our own resources. In childhood, it used to be fun. My friend knew badminton hence he taught me that. I knew little bit about books so I helped them with that. Another was expert in abusing hence he ruined us all. Haha! That is how a group used to work. By empowering each other. But does the same love, determination, purity, positivism and "WE" attitude stays in the competitive world today? Definitely NOT! 

         When I came to Mumbai and I saw certain groups of boys and girls roaming and hanging out together, I used to feel that even I need such a group even if it comprises only boys. But I need one. I used to watch movies alone in multiplexes and I missed a big group around me. Finally, I got one in BCA and once all of us got separated because of getting admitted in different colleges, I got a new one in MCA after almost an academic year. I have always been very proud of my group and I want everyone to succeed in their own way. I never feel that I should be the only achiever so that the grooup keeps on talking about me. I should be the only hot trending topic in group each and every time. No! I want everyone to have that moment so that a group remains to be a group. It's not necessary to have a leader but at any point of time, you need anyone who excels in something that the group is talking about currently. 

         But there is no stoppage to the ego issues that comes in the way. If I say something, someone would be there to tell why he shouldn't worry about future because he knows he is exceptional. Similarly if someone tries telling that no one in group is secured, I shouldn't jump and say,"hey, didn't you see I have a great back-up in the form of my parent's savings?" No. This is just not acceptable. People start competing within the group and then starts a phase where everyone wants to push and kick each other behind to cross the winning mark alone by a hefty margin. But is that how one can win? Never. A group's support is always essential. Either Virat Kohli's century or Rohit Sharma's double-century, there is always a big team behind which claps passionately without any competitive and egoistic attitude hidden. 

            I have seen groups getting formed, broken and even if they continue to be together, it's out of formality or peer pressure that because everyone's group is still intact, we shouldn't stay in college alone without our group. My BCA group separated because one was too egoistic and stubborn to hear anyone else. Another wanted to follow his own set of weird values and proceedings even when in a group. Another wanted to fight and shout at anyone for any kind of silly reason. And I wanted everyone to say YES to the things I liked because I felt I am always right. The group never met again as a group after BCA ended. Similarly, the MCA group is almost done with each other. If this would have been Bigg Boss House, I would have already become a Gautam Gulati whom everyone would have hated for considering himself as hero and ever right. 

           Anyways, my point is:- A group should never feel competitive among themselves. There should be an attitude among friends that anyone winning among us will be my own success. In someone's success, one should see himself achieving a landmark. One shouldn't be too self-centered or over-confident about himself while planning and debating. If one finds that another is weak in this zone, he should forward his helping hands before the person asks for the help. After helping, one shouldn't repeat it again and again or ask anything in return for it. Because then that would be barter system or retailing. Helping is always selfless and one-sided. One shouldn't consider others weak because you might be Zero in what someone else might turn out to be Hero tomorrow. When argument becomes serious sometimes without any personal issues, one should have that courtesy and consciousness alive to go and sort it out later. That's what I feel how group of friends can stay together forever if few things are kept in mind and ego issues does not come in between.



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