11 November 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Ek Chutki STRESS ki Keemat!!! :-)

1168th BLOG POST -->>

    Some days should be exciting. Anyhow, but they should be. I was expecting a lot of fun today considering that the last practical examination of my life got over. I tried to make it a day I would always remember as delightful and extremely bizarre. Even when I wasn't very well prepared for my practical exams, I have finished them with more than expected performance and I am also wishing for a favorable result. Not excellent but something that would at least not make me weep. I planned a lunch with my friends and all went exceptionally wonderful. But during lunch, I said something to my friend for which I wanted a good response but what I got was a reaction. Do I have problem with reactions? No. But when you always help anyone with pure selflessness and you wish that person to become self-dependent, you tend to get stricter sometimes. But well, not everyone understands that. 

        Being disowned for my standing there, I returned home thinking that I would try to forget the grief. What happens at home with mom after that is more depressing. For a joke I got a reply,"Aren't you crossing your limits these days by answering me back?" For a little matter, I got to hear something like this. Later on, because my mother was asking me for something, I said,"I always provide this to you. Even I expect it sometimes from you." And she tags me as someone who counts the number of good deeds he does for his mother. THIS! What can be more worst to hear? I didn't clarify myself because I got pissed off for the 2nd time in day. And this time by a big margin. I came in my bedroom without saying anything, turned on the laptop and thought of checking my accounts for all the updates I missed last week because of my practical exams.

         A writer comes online and directly starts telling me how I didn't turn up after talking with him on something regarding his book. Because I had already seen a bad day and aggressive Bigg Boss episode, anger and misbehavior found its way in the chatbox of that author. I have never spoken rudely with any author even if they are first-timer with a small publishing house because I know how hard it is to write and survive. I did it today. I felt bad after speaking with him in that manner. Though he was no less in pissing me off with his attitude. Never an author have pointed a finger at me while he was trying to portray me as a criminal for a service that I promised and didn't provide him. Whatever!

          Now when all of this has happened, I thought of writing this Blog Post and lighten myself so that I can also deliver service to the author by tomorrow morning and if my heart permits, clarify with my mother what my point was and also let my friend know what I expect. This day was meant to become special but it has turned out to be the worst day of this year. Never felt so stressed for things that could have been easily avoided. I somewhere felt that watching Bigg Boss made me react to the statement of author aggressively. Because generally I do not take up fights. I politely tell my situation and make the 2nd person understand my problem. But what I did today made me realize somewhere in the subconscious mind, my body tried to be one of the characters of Bigg Boss. I can not afford this. Hence, also a decision has been taken today. I have generally stopped watching this show from last 3 years but somehow I am watching it daily this season because my dinner time clashes with it. But now, no more BIGG BOSS for me except few episodes in which Salman Khan features. 

           It's time to bring peace back in life. Somewhat 50 days are remaining for 2014 to end. I have liked living this year. It is said that living the same year for 75 times and calling it LIFE is nonsense and stupid. In that context, I have faced some new challenges this year. I have taken some very tough decisions. Achieved few things. Repeated few good things I do each year. Because this day has turned out to be unexpected, I have gone off-track and thinking only negative things since then. This Blog Post was necessary as talking with my friends here and getting their feedback in email energizes me and make me believe that I can be what I have always been. Satisfied and Happy! Also I have returned to blogging after a long time. May be these incidents were necessary to make me realize that I can not remain at peace without scribbling few words here. :-)



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