10 May 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Nokia Lumia 525: Best Offer at Rs. 9000!!!

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Windows Phone is quite struggling in the market because of its confinement when it comes to application, speed and independence that the interface provides. Still Lumia models by Nokia are doing pretty fare in the market. With the arrival of Windows 8.1, it is expected that the system will open its horizon in all the directions. Nokia Lumia 520 has been one of the most selling phones in a year or so. Out of all the Windows phone, it has sold 45%. Just think of its large customer base. Hence, Nokia Lumia 525, that released as its successor had big shoes to fill. I am holding this phone from last 2 weeks and now I feel that it is doing pretty same as Lumia 520. It's 1 GM RAM as compared to 512 MB RAM of Lumia 520 definitely gives this model a boom. 
     Lumia 525 has wonderful design which is easy to hold, make a call or type. It's touch screen is sensitive which also allows you to use wearing gloves. Andrioid phones do not provide this facility. If you keep Lumia 520 and 525 asides, it would be hard to differentiate them from each other. On the right side, it has lock/unlock button, volume up/down button and a camera shutter button which helps you to take images properly. The charging port is at the bottom while earphone's port is given on the top. It has 3 buttons on the top- 1 to go back while navigation, middle one for coming back to Menu and 3rd one for directly going to Search app powered by Bing. The speaker is given at the backside which is fine for ringtones and alarm tones but if you would like to hear sound from songs and videos, it will start screeching if you try to increase the volume after 65-70%. 
      The best feature of this phone is its tiling menu. You can tile your favorite app on the home screen and save your time from searching them from large list of installed applications. Internet is powered by HTML 5 and it works smoothly on this handset. Camera feature is perfect. 5 MP camera gives you more than expected images in daylight as it does not have flash to work in low lights, indoor and nights. Camera has many pre-installed and available applications that allow you to take image normally and edit it later on in leisure. You will be astonished to witness magic these applications does with your clicked images. Video is taken in HD and MP4 format. It's clear and smooth when played on some other device or laptop. You will love this cell phone when it comes to Camera quality.
     Pre-installed Office is also a great boon. You can easily view your documents of any format. You can also edit them easily. You get free space in OneDrive(previously known as SkyDrive). Even if you do not want to fill your phone memory with files, you can add them in OneDrive. It's very easy to access the Cloud function in this phone. The 8 GB internal memory and 64 GB external memory option makes this phone very flexible while choosing from the phone lying under budget of Rs. 10,000. While making calls, I was delighted to hear a very good quality of sound from the other side. Also when I tried to speak from 2 meters away, the person was able to make out what I was speaking. You will not be disappointed even by it. Phone's battery back up is also favorable as it can easily work up to 2 days and on stand by mode, it can stay for longer.
  Coming to few drawbacks, high-end games, though, works on it because of 1 GB RAM but still you will find some interruptions while playing Temple Run. Speaker isn't ideal when it comes to listening music at high volume. Some application work very slowly and hence, might irritate you. The Windows Application Store does not have much options to give. Obviously, against Play Store, it's tiny. You can not mail files to anyone. Only images are allowed. Leaving the drawbacks aside, you will love the feature of mail push-up. It's very frequent and smooth. Similarly, it lets all your FB updates and Twitter updates fall at one integrated interface through which you can reply and react to each one of them. I had to pay Rs. 8883 to Flipkart to get this phone. At this pricing, Nokia Lumia 525 is a sure-shot winner. It's here to stay. 


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