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Programming in Java 2 by Dr. K. Somasundaram (Book Review)!!!

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     I had my practical examination some days ago for which I picked up Dr. K. Somasundaram's Programming in Java 2 (published by Jaico Publication House). Book has very attractive cover page which makes you feel that you are picking up an interesting book rather than one based upon boring codes and syntax. Author makes it sure that you get adept in basic coding of Core Java. He does not make tough topics tougher by explaining them in humongous words. In spite, he uses language that can be understood even by a laymen. All the definitions that are described in the book are apt and does not direct you towards Google to find simpler version of it. If Balagurusamy has been one writer to be followed while the initial stages of a programming language, with him, I will also recommend Dr. K. Somasundaram to all. 

             The book starts with the basic concepts of object oriented programming and a concise introduction to Java language and Java architecture. The classes, inheritance and abstract classes are explained with the help of programs. All chapters contain complete programs with outputs. In addition real life problems are stated and complete programs are given. Important points are highlighted and all chapters contain objective type review questions.

Key Features
— Clean and crisp description and explanation
— Hard to understand concepts are explained through appropriate conceptual diagrams
— Review questions and exercises for each chapter
— 204 complete programs
— 35 programs for real life problems
— 149 figures and 47 tables 

             Dr. K. Somasundaram is a Professor & Head of Dept. of Computer Science 
& Applications at Gandhigram Rural Institute. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in Computational Physics from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and M.Sc. degree in Physics with specialisation in Electronics from the University of Madras. His teaching experience spans over two decades to undergraduate and postgraduate courses. He has developed several software for scientific and commercial applications. He has contributed to various major journals and is a member of the Indian Society for Technical Education.

            I appreciate the way each and every concept is taught through examples and real-life illustrations which makes it easy for you to understand jargon and difficult terms. Also, all the programs that are given under the topics makes you come closer to the programming language. All the programs are appropriate and understandable in terms of the explanation given. The topics such as Data types, structure, operators, Arrays, classes, inheritance, packages, interfaces, Exceptions are wonderfully explained. Later topics are little hard to understand because of their natural difficulty levels but still author has tried his best to convey the elaborations. Book ends with JDBC connectivity which makes you almost expert in the Core Java section of the specific programming language. I would recommend it to all who have not even seen java but wishes to build career in it. This book is going to be very helpful.

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