11 May 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Ignore Friends Little More For Your MOTHER!!!

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        All of us are busy celebrating Mother's Day in our own way. For me, the day I make my mother feel special is her birthday. Birthday is one day when everyone wants to be treated special. Everyone wants his/her birthday to be the best day of the year for him/her. Hence, I make it sure that my mother never feel that her birthday has been just another day of her life. But coming to Mother's Day, I don't generally do something above ordinary. But because ladies in the society sits together and talks what their respective kids did for them on Mother's Day, I didn't want my mother to feel left out. Hence, I always treat her with some delicious snacks from the food chain near my house. That's all I do on the Mother's Day because I don't feel she deserves to be treated so well today that she might start feeling on other days I don't do anything for her. So let's remain normal so that she would feel why child is always at his best let it be any day. Haha!

            Mothers are so selfless that we, the children, feel guilty about it 1000 times in our life. Let us try as much as we want but we can never surpass the amount of love our mothers bestow over us. Even if anyone of us will make something like Taj Mahal for our mother, still that would not be enough to show how much mothers do for us. Their love is immortal. Even when a man turns 70 years old, when he remembers his mother's sacrifices for him, he sheds tears without feeling shy. For me, my mother is a role model considering all the non-celebrities I look forward to. :-)

         I love working almost every time. It is said that a man is defined by what he does when he has nothing to do. And therefore I make sure I am always into act of productivity even when I am done with my examinations, blogging and reviewing works. Whenever I feel that I am feeling down, I see at my mother. She is still working. She works right from the moment she opens her eye in the dawn till the time she is not back to sleep. Seeing her energetic and workaholic at this age of hers, I start feeling sick about myself. I get up and start doing some other work with the same intensity as I finished the previous one to be in the league of my mother. She is 47 years old and still does all the household chores. We still don't have maid for any work in our house. While other ladies of her age are busy sleeping in afternoon while their maid works, my mother is always at toes. How much is there to learn from my mother and how much less I am adapting it in my life. 

          2 weeks ago, I gave my practical examinations. I was feeling very low during the exam days because of less preparation and alien programming languages in the semester. My mother kept giving me strength all the week to make sure that I don't quit even before trying. I was sure I'll flunk but my mother was there to tell me that I will return back home smiling. It happened the way she had planned my fate to play. I came home and hugged her tightly and thanked her with my gestures. I promised her a treat before going to examination if I perform well. Following, I took her for a long ride over 3 fly-overs, gave her treat in the biggest McDonald's store she had ever visited and returned home happily after the calm moments there. My mother was so happy to see me smiling that she kept on requesting to start studying for theory examinations if I don't want to be scared the same way I was before practicals. That's how every mothers are. 

          I feel bad when I see my friends not thinking about their parents and wasting all their money with their friends itself. It's good to travel and hang out with your friend circle but don't forget, it's your mother who makes your tiffin every morning before you leave and wait to ask you for your choice before making dinner. How can you forget her and enjoy with your friends every moment of life? Why not avoid friends little more and give time to your mother. Realize that as you are stepping into adulthood, your mother is also stepping into her old age. Once she is old, she might not be able to enjoy every luxury of life. She may not be able to see, walk or even talk. Don't miss this precious time with her that you have. Your life is easy because you have mother, go and ask the ones who sleep daily after crying wishing to have a mother like others. Your mother can teach you every thing except how to love her back with the same warmth and selflessness. 

         Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers of this world.



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Asit Chaurasia said...

I loved it bro..:) thank you so much for this blog..tears in my eyes after reading this blog :)

Soulmate said...

Some people forget the sacrifices made by their parents. For some, what parents do is their 'job' to look after the kids.

Such people forget that one day they too will have kids and become old. Wonder what they'll expect from their own kids when they didn't care to look after their own parents?

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