25 March 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Kahaani !!!

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       So, finally, I am done with Sujoy G's Kahaani. I have already said it on Twitter and I am repeating it again- "There are some movies which gets mixed reviews while there are some which are not meant to be judged at all". Kahaani is one of those films whom you can't judge. Because they have something so appealing and interactive that you don't find any word to utter against them. Amitabh Bachchan was compelled to write to Sujoy G(director of Kahaani) after watching the movie "Just finished watching 'Kahani' on UFO at home .. Simply superb ! Sujoy, what the heck were you doing making films like 'Aladin' !!?" even when he was the main lead of Aladin. :-) So, this is how some movie works. They affect your brain positively and stays there for a long time. People always say that the film should have either comedy, fun, love story or high action scenes to work with the nerves of the people but Kahaani has proved worldwide that if a movie has a perfect story line, it works better even when it doesn't have any of those elements.  

            I call it a privilege that I got to see a movie like Kahaani. In December, I wanted to watch The Dirty Picture just after its first promo. The movie attracted me just by its first look. But later on, when the movie released, I thought that it has only exposure and it may not have a good story line. But what happened later is known to all. After the movie, even Vidya balan is given the tag of BIG B (Big Balan). It was not only about exposure of skin in the movie but about guts to take off such a role on big screen. None of the actresses are coming out of their comfort zone now-a-days. It's only Priyanka Chopra about whom I hear that she is performing action scenes by herself. Otherwise, every other actress is in the movie just because actor has to romance with someone and hence they want a girl for that in a movie. :-) But, The Dirty Picture had 3 actors but still Vidya stole the show. And while The Dirty Picture was running in theaters, first look of Kahaani was released. My first reaction was- Ab jyada ho raha hai, Vidya can't do it every time. But, after watching Kahaani, I think I will have to watch The Dirty Picture too, just to see the limitless attitude of Vidya Balan as an actress.

          Kahaani is a very intellectual film with lots of twists and turns. For once, you may start thinking that you may not understand the story but once the movie ends, you will accolade the director- Sujoy for making a complex story in a very easier version. Just as Kahaani will end, you will want to watch it again from the start just to cherish all those moments of a pregnant woman searching for her husband's existence in Kolkata. Kahaani is based in the city of Kolkata. And I am very happy to see that the way Kolkata is being shown throughout the movie is awesome. I have never ever seen any other movie where I got myself attached with a non-visited city by seeing it on screen. But because of Kahaani, I want to visit Kolkata now. The importance of Durga Ma and Durga Pooja is represented perfectly. You get attached with the festival. The little use of Bengali language in a movie adds more flavors. :-) The other characters of the movie plays a significant part in the success of the movie. If you are going for Kahaani, make sure that you are going to concentrate on each and every second of the movie because nothing is inserted into the movie senselessly. 

          I would appreciate Sujoy Ghosh for perfect direction and execution. Advaita Kala for the beautiful story she has created by getting inspired from her own life. And now, talking about the history Vidya Balan is being creating for herself, you are going to be the next big thing after Madhuri Dixit and Rani Mukherjee. Parineeta, Guru, Salaam-e-ishq, Bhool Bhulaiyyaa, Paa, Ishqiya, No One Killed Jessica, The Dirty Picture and now Kahaani. I think there's a competition between you and Virat Kohli that who will touch that throne first in the respective field to be called "The Best of Today's Era". :-) 

          In the end, I am requesting all the readers to go and watch Kahaani with family as you missed The Dirty Picture last time. :-) 

P.S.: With this, 50 Blog Posts done in this Calendar Year- 2012. :-) Keep supporting and motivating. :-)



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Anamika said...

jst logged in n wat a coincidence...i'm suprised to read a movie review...haven't seen yet but ab aapne review kiya hai toh kuch toh khas hoga hi...one full fleged blog post on kahaani...interesting !! nw i'll try to alteast watch it once..
n for dat p.s. section "stay blessed"...

Mihir Raj said...

This is what i like most about you Abhilash..I saw it today and you are absolutely right in your blog..we can't judge but it will be in our mind for long. Good work:)

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Anamika for trusting me so much. Yes, go for the movie... You will love it... And thanks, your support matters.. :-)

Writing Buddha said...

Mihir sir, thanks a lot. i am so happy to read that u like me for a particular thing. :-)

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