19 March 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

A New Target For Critics After Few Years- "VIRAT KOHLI" !!!

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        Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh !!!!! So, we won the World Cup Finale of 2012 tonight. Right? In 1947, if our leaders would not have caked India into parts, we would not have got a Cricket opponent like Pakistan against which every match seems as the World Cup Final. The pressure one has to see their country winning against the country with whom we had so many real wars, is undefinable and ineffable. There is something in the Cricket match which takes place whenever India and Pakistan has a face-off on a circular ground with 2 bats, 1 ball, 6 wickets and a boundary line which is insurmountable. In the World Cup last year, people were ready to lose the Finale but everyone wanted Indian team to win the semi-final clash with Pakistan. And once, when India's batting inning was over and Pakistan's opening batsmen started quite smoothly, all the Indians had a face through which you could have predicted that something was deteriorating in them. But, as soon as Pakistan's wicket started falling and Kohli took that last catch of the match, there was explosion of Crackers almost in every village, every society and every galli of India. This is what happens when INDIA and PAKISTAN plays a FRIENDLY MATCH. :-)

          Even today, when Pakistan won the toss and chose batting, many loved saying that this is the only thing Pakistan is winning today. But later on, when the Opening pair of Pakistan built the longest partnership they ever maintained against us, and both the players getting their HUNDREDS, Indians almost lost the interest in the game and they started claiming that "This match is not the typical India-Pakistan match. It is just another match where an opponent is fucking as it has been happening with us against England, Australia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in recent times". Pakistan's accelerating speed slowed down once they reached their 40th over and their wicket started falling. That catch which Raina took by jumping in air and using his right-hand to grab the ball brought Indians back in power and they felt that something has motivated our players and what will happen from here would be a perfect example of PERFECT INDIA vs PAKISTAN MATCH. Then, Kohli took a catch by jumping backward to take another wicket. And finally, Pakistan ended up at 329 giving us a target of 330. The scenario became the same. Even in CB Series, India needed that 320+ target to retain their durability in the series, and now, in the Asia Cup too, they needed 330 target to remain in the series. But everyone knew what Kohli did that day to create a magical environment all over the world, but they weren't sure that any Indian batsman would be able to do that-kind-of-a-thing again against a team which is our Epic Opponent. 

           Our innings started and Gambhir went on the 2nd ball by showing nervousness in his body-language. People didn't really see Sachin Tendulkar as a reliable man because of his recent plays in last few months. Then came Virat Kohli on the 3rd ball of the innings on the crease. And after few minutes, when people saw those continuous waves of FOURS from both- Sachin and Kohli, people started believing the team and everyone got glued to the television just as they were on 30th March, 2011. :-) And then both of them surpassed their Half-centuries and 100-runs partnership. Then, Sachin Tendulkar who seemed to be Aggressive once again after a year went back to the pavilion after giving a wonderful start to the team. Then, entered Rohit Sharma. But, Virat Kohli had something else in his mind. He started hitting and striking as if its his last match of life. And the man kept on hitting almost in every corner of the ground and scored his 100. Then, he started hitting abundantly with the help of Rohit Sharma's perfect knock of 68. 

            And Kohli kept on breaking records. First, he made record of reaching career's first 11 Centuries in the least number of innings (82). Then, he became the only batsman to score 4 Centuries on Mirpur ground. He also became 2nd highest batsman to score most number of ODIs on the same Cricket ground. Then, he completed his 3500 runs in ODI which is 2nd fastest in the world. Then, he surpassed his own highest of 133* and scored 183 off 148 balls. Then, he became the highest run-scorer in history of Asia Cup by scoring 146*. Then, he became youngest Indian to reach 150+. Then, he became India's highest run-scorer in any of the chases against Pakistan and world's 3rd highest scorer while chasing after Watson's 185* and Dhoni's 183*. Then, Virat Kohli became the best ODI batsman "under lights". He now averages 61.48. Then, Virat Kohli's 646 runs became the most runs in ODIs at Mirpur by a visiting batsman. Kohli's century is his 11th in ODIs & his 7th in chases. Among India batsmen, only Tendulkar has more centuries (17) than Kohli in chases. With the help of Kohli's 183, this is India's best chase in ODIs, surpassing their Natwest final's chase of 326 in 2002 against England at Lord's. Kohli's average in chases (58.40) is second only to Watson's 59.10 among batsmen with 2000-plus runs in ODI chases. Kohli has now scored three centuries and a half-century in his last four ODIs. Virat Kohli's 183 is the highest individual score in ODIs against Pakistan, surpassing Brian Lara's 156 in 2005. 

             Now, these are the only records which I remember for now and I have read till now (if there are more, add in comment's section). Even when Kohli was playing with Tendulkar, everyone had their eyes focused on Kohli than Tendulkar. This shows that India got its new star. Everyone is worried about the vacuum which would take place in our Indian cricket team once Sachin will retire, but now, after what Kohli is doing from the time he has entered into the squad, we can easily say that our Indian Cricket future is in the hands of someone who has capability of breaking almost all the records made by batsmen of this world. Even today's knock was nonetheless than a Double Century. This is what he is doing at the age of 23, going by the means of Tendulkar's profile, he has 15 years to go to play and think, once when he will turn into an experienced batsman, what magic will he create. Just wait and watch. As I have read on Twitter, Sourav scored 183 in 1999, he became captain after a year, then Dhoni did it 2005, became captain in 2007 while Kohli has done it today in 2012, we will get to see him as our next Captain very soon. :-) Kohli has been my favorite since I saw him fielding with all the power, abusing in power (:-)), batting in power and then, going back to pavilion with abusing lips in power. :-) In last IPL, when people were going gaga over Chris Gayle's unbelievable strokes, Virat Kohli was the only person in RCB who supported him in every match. In Australia series, he was the only batsman from our side to score a century in a match. So, I am happy to see that first time have I liked someone too much in Cricket long back and people have started loving him now, quite lately. :-) And Kohli, right now everyone is praising you as you have erupted suddenly as a Rising Star but once you will reach where Tendulkar is, you will get many senseless critics till then, but I don't want you to be nervous as Tendulkar became for his 100th 100. Learn from his mistakes and stand tall till the end of your career. I would be some 40+ years when you would be retiring proudly from the game of Cricket. :-) 

     Love you.



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Anamika said...

After dat awsum win n kohli's rocking innings i was expecting dis one..cricket fever is on..

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Anamiks. but as what I can see, this post is not liked by people much. No one actually commented to me about this one anywhere... U r d only 1. :-)

Anonymous said...

@Abhilash : Thanks for this Post .
Well, you are correct we are on the way to see another legend. We can proudly say him the Future Legend from now onwards.
And 1 thing i like is that you confessed that you have read that "183 score of Ganguly , Dhoni and now Kohli" from Twitter. Respect for that ourity. From the past days i have been watching almost everybody tweeting this and saying that they made this. Actually @vivek_chandra 's tweet which was posted in cricinfo commentry . Thanks a lot. and i am quiet attracted with your blogs..
Will read some more when i will be free.

Thank you

uk sim card said...

Ganguly claims that if Virat Kohli plays for 10-15 years then we can say if Virat will be able to touch Sachins league i.e. right now he is not even eligible to get compared to Sachin and to top that he says Virat needs to play 10 years just to enter the 'comparison' eligibility.. Ganguly is known to make exaggerated claims.. is it one of those ?

Writing Buddha said...

Hb mishra, bhai, I am happy that you found my gesture correct and appropriate. I am too happy for that. :-) And, I am also happy that u have find this space attractive and u r planning to come to stay here again after some time. :-) Thanks. Hope I will keep impressing you.

Writing Buddha said...

uk sim card, he is going to be big..

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