21 March 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Main Karun Toh Saala Character Dheela Hai !!!

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       Yesterday Bangladesh beat Sri Lanka to oust India out from Asia Cup. People got their new slogan for the one whom we have started calling Next Sachin Tendulkar. People say that,"Whenever Sachin scores a century, India loses the match. And whenever Kohli makes a century, India win the match but lose the series". But, I think they have forgot that Kohli also scored a century in World Cup tournament. But, let it be, talking about this people would add just another group of dumb and idiots into highlight. When Kohli scored his maiden century against Pakistan on 18th March, he removed his helmet and hurled couple of abuses in aggression and desperation to score more. I liked it. :-) His attitude showed that he is not a cool or sit-back-in-the-corner kind of player. He is the one who will come forward to fight and retaliate if something wrong would happen on the field. People have started calling Kohli - An aggressive version of Rahul Dravid. 

           Kohli was also in controversies when he showed middle-finger to the spectators in an oversea country. But that wasn't an end, he has continuously hurled abuses every time he has caught a batsman or he has fielded a terrific stroke of the batsman or he has hit a Six or a Four. Yesterday, while reading Hindustan Times, I saw an article on its editorial page which said that if Kohli wants to play for a longer time with the same form, he will have to stop cussing and abusing. Now, how does giving abuses has any relation to the form of a batsman? That was an extreme chutiyapa according to me. After showing that middle-finger in Australia, Kohli has scored runs with an average of 75. Do you get it, editor? He also said that will this attitude of abusing of Kohli remain even when his form will not be as bright as its today because every batsman has to see a period when he is out-of-form. I just don't understand what is so sick or serious about this that Hindustan Times thought to publish it in their editorial section. 

          Is abusing a crime? Or being addicted to abusing is a crime? I take those abuses of Kohli as an energy-generation for him. He may feel it energetic and encouraging to abuse. He may be feeling free and liberal once he abuses. Even I have habit of abusing almost 5 times in 2 minutes while talking. Now, does that make me an arrogance person or the one who is so bad that one will have to think 10 times before sitting and conversing with me in public? I have never seen such kind of a case happening with me. Any thing done before age does not look good. If a school boy will abuse so frequently, he would be beaten because that is not the age to do this so confidently. :-) But once a child grows up and enters into college, he gets that intellectual level that he can decide what is good and what is bad for him. So, what if he finds abusing a healer to him? In college, you may notice that the child who never abuses is bullied a lot. Hence, after a period of time, one has to start abusing to create his own image and character of an aggressive person. If one doesn't, he will have to bear the abuses for the rest of his life.

          When I abuse on Twitter and Facebook, my online friends keep pinging and saying that this is not right for a prolific and exoteric blogger like you to abuse in a Social networking medium. They say that there are even junior college and school students who read and follow me which may influence them to abuse and look cool. Some says that it creates a doubt in their mind about what my real character is. The one who writes beautiful blogs or the one who gives dirty abuses on Twitter. I say, I am both. My thoughts are clear and pellucid. But, I have an addiction of abusing too. If you can't see both of them in a package, its your problem, not mine. :-) There was a time in childhood when I was never taken in a Cricket team whenever the boys of my age group used to play together. I was physically weak. So, they used to bully me a lot. There was not even a single day when I used to return home without crying. Then, when one-year senior boys to me entered Secondary school in their 5th std and they heard new abuses which the boys of 10th std and 12th std used to hurl at each other, they got excited and they started telling all to us. I loved those words. :-) And I started using it frequently. After some days, I started doing that aggressively. The result of it was that everyone started scaring from me that I may abuse them upto any level. And, I was made a prominent member of their group. So, abuses helped me to prove my position in the group. How can I leave it? 

           I almost feel depressed and helpless once I stop abusing to a stretch of an hour or two. :-) And yes, this is true. See, whenever I hurl abuses and it is being targeted to someone's relative or mother-sister, I don't say it purposely by targeting them, it is just that I use all the variety of words I have in my vocabulary. :-) It is to be taken just as a word which means I am unhappy on a thing. That does not mean that you should start imagining your mother and sister in those positions. Come on, how can someone behave so sentimentally. And, I just don't care about Social Networking sites more. When my family members and my close friends, my classmates, the people living around me has accepted me with this, who are these people to ask me to shut the fuck up just because they can't see someone being so frank and open on Social Networking sites. At least, my close friends and my parents scold me for this rather than judging what I am. Here, people judge me. So, why should I care about their opinion? They ask me,"How can you write abuses so freely?" I reply,"In the same way as you read them". If you have so much problem with that, hide all my posts on your Facebook wall, unfollow or directly block me on Twitter, but don't fuck my brain. I am this way and I will remain this way. If Sunny Leone's famly members and close friends don't have any problem in her being a pornstar, why do you and me feel prickliness in our ass? So, I just don't care. The person who abuses is not a villain. He may be the one with the most pure thoughts and approach. 

   So, in the end, maa ki aankh subki. This is the most non-effective abuse I can give. :-)



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