8 March 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

GIRLS, We Are Nothing Without You (Happy Women's Day) !!!

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       Whenever we sit for 6-7 lectures in a day, and we are about to faint, I ask my classmates "Let's go to Inorbit". All the boys see their wrist, observe the time, calculate something and then one of them says "At this time, there would be lot of girls in the mall, let's go". And for the treatment of our eyes, we move to mall. Right now, fest days are being celebrated in my college. Not many of us are excited about any thing. But for one day, when everyone showed excitement from a day before was when Saree Day was to be celebrated next day. Every boy was waiting to see how their crush looks in saree. Even when a trip is being organized, boys see whether their favorite girl is coming or not, if not, the trip is almost cancelled just because of a girl. So, this is how these girls are important to us in our life. Their absence almost absorbs 50% of our energy. Any organization where girls aren't in much quantity, boys working there looks frustrated 24*7 :-). The importance of ladies in our life is as important as the need of oxygen to our body. 

           We, the boys, are dependent on women almost at every phase of our life. We can't see ourselves away from women, and even if we try to be away from them, we go deeeeeeeep into depression. The cause of depression for many boys is the absence of a woman or women in his life. I am not saying that boys don't have fun by being among boys but anyhow, we need a support of opposite gender with us. If a boy is running a race, and there are almost 100 boys screaming and shouting his name for cheering and bucking him up, it will surely motivate him, but if, with those 100 boys, there would be 1 girl too, that will automatically make him a Winner. Even if he will lose, the consideration of a fact that "a girl was screaming and cheering for me" will make him a Winner in life even if not in race. That's the amount of reaction these girls bring in our life as a catalyst, to be at the point- Positive Catalyst. 

            Even with me, when I get 50 comments on my blog, I do get motivated, but for some posts, when I don't get any comments, and only a girl has something to say about it, I feel that the post has turned successful just because she considered it to be "something". :-) From last 2 weeks, I am living without my mother. She is at her native place to meet her mother. :-) And I always teased my mother by saying that I am the real owner of my house, not you and dad. She used to fight about this with me. The day when she was departing, she said, "Ab dekhti hun kaise rehta hai maalik ban k is ghar mein". Even then, I thought that I will rock the house better than mom. But, after 2 days, the house started eating me. Without mother, there is no soul in house. A house is just a small space covered by 4 walls on all the 4 sides. But with mother, it is heaven, it is temple, it is ventilation and it is palace. Even my friends don't like to visit my home in the absence of my mother. Saale bhukkad. :-) 

           The stature of women is too high for us. We respect them for their simplicity. We respect them for their delicateness. We love the way they handle everything with their sweet voice, soft touch and good smell. But, we hate some women too. The one who talks rudely by keeping the sweetness away from their voice. The one who reacts harder by keeping that soft touch away from their reaction. In short, we hate those women who tries to be men. You are 10x times better than us because you are women, but when you start trying to be men, your stature comes to the place where we are. Some women try to look cool, they start smoking, drinking and dancing wildly. These things are meant for us, the cheapos, not for all of you. Some of you even start wearing exposing clothes just to make yourself our favorite, that does not make you a favorite, it just makes you a target for a wild animal every man has in himself. And then a crime is being committed on you and you blame us for being wild. We aren't wild, you evoked the wildness which was hidden somewhere in us. I am not trying to say that whatever crime women has to deal with is because of themselves, but there are many scenarios when men treats women as a sex material. I just don't want to talk about these men right now. Let's ignore that on this beautiful event. So, in the end, I would like to ask all the women to stay women because we love you for what you are. A Very Happy International Women's Day to all of you. Specially to my mother, Surbhi chachi, Tannu- my cousin, all my ex-gfs, my female friends and readers and Prema and Vandana- my best buddies(specifically taken name because these 2 are the only ones those are near to me today). 



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Seema said...

Thank you so much Abhilash.Wish you and your family a very happy and colorful Holi.

Anamika said...

WOW !! Thank you Abhilash...i totally agree n relate to d pt dat moms r soul of d house....
My salute to my beautiful mom on WOMEN'S DAY N
big thank u to u for dis post..n yes two posts in a day..

Anu Lal said...

As always, you have created an emotional piece of writing. I pray your goddess comes back soon.

Happy Women's day!
Happy Holi

Anamika said...

no new post :( continue soon...

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Seema mam.

Writing Buddha said...

Anamika, thanks for being a girl and being so sweet to me.. Happy belated women's day to you too... And yaa, I am little irregular these days but I will try to be back as before.. Little fixed up coz of some personal things.

Writing Buddha said...

Thaanks for your wishes Anulal sir.

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