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Why is 1st week of August so special to me!

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The 1st week of August is quite a nostalgic moment for me. I had joined by 1st college and office on 3rd August in 2009 and 2015 respectively whereas I had joined the PG college on 1st August in 2012. Whenever the calendar gets changed to August, the first thought that my mind strikes is about all these new journeys that got initiated in this month which is full of good memories. I have met so many new people in each of these places out of which few people have stuck along and are still part of my life. Some of them have become friends who are nothing less than families. Yes, it takes time to understand which friends are here to stay whereas who are with us only for time-being and special occasions but I believe, a decade is enough to understand that.


College has been such a beautiful experience of my life. The way my introvert-self got comfortable in giving presentations in front of the whole class without worrying about what the result of it would be made me a confident person. Though the nervousness and self-criticism still exist which makes other see me as an under-confident personality walking around but somewhere in my heart, a small cell is always pushing me to perform and deliver whatever has to be shared with the people sitting to hear me out. I don’t think I would have got my personality transformed if it would not have been for the kind of teachers and classmates I met in my first college.


Talking about the experience in PG, it was more about beating the fear of getting failed in the upcoming semester. Haha! Every semester came up with tough subjects which became hard to understand even the purpose of it in our curriculum. The class had some really amazing students – some of them who were always involved in studies – some of them who balanced well between studies and masti whereas some who never looked like geeks but would score extremely well in the results. I always had to put extra efforts in order to ensure that I don’t get failed in any of the subjects – leave competing with any of them. Though, there were instance in almost every semester when I performed among top 2 in either of the 6-8 subjects. Enough massage to my ego happened during the result times. Haha! I always remember PG as a place which made me leave my comfort zone and learn things, I still feel I was greatly incapable of. This makes me realize the importance of right environment – it makes you do things you would have otherwise not even tried.


Now talking about the 1st Job, well, what can be more peaceful in life than finally getting your 1st job which will give you your very 1st salary and make you achieve the ultimate goal of finding a place to earn. The loneliness you feel initially when you are the only new person in the space whereas everyone else are gelling together, making jokes whereas you are acting to be doing something on your desktop. Similarly, everyone is equipped with their tasks whereas you are still struggling to understand what your senior just explained you. You have no one to help you. You are regularly under radar of being judged for your performance. You are under panic incessantly thinking if you’ll be able to survive here and be one of these confident people doing their work aggressively and effectively. Eventually, things do fall into place but the initial days are very scary and doubtful.


All these memories make you realize how far you have come from where you started. It makes you believe in yourself whenever you fall down in life. You remember all those tough days in these new places where you eventually started belonging as if it’s your second home. You eventually owned your position and left with good impression. When my teachers and ex-colleagues talk with me today, it gives a peaceful feeling that past was good irrespective of its challenges and hurdles. I did something to be still remembered. You start thinking about your current times if all is going well and you get assured of your future that things will eventually fall in place because that’s what past data reflects upon. You know that you have been 100% successful in all the tests life made you appear in – the result because of which you are what you are today – either successful, on the way to be one or the one who is still exploring his path but with better mindset. Thanks, August, for always bringing these positive memories and nostalgic emotional moments remembering all good humans who were part of daily lives then but are not even in touch today.





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