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Thoughts after watching: JugJugg Jeeyo

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Last weekend, I watched JugJugg Jeeyo on Amazon Prime – a time pass family entertainer which will make you laugh here and there. Well, this is not a review but something that I was thinking while watching the movie based on the story and characters in it. The movie is majorly talking about marriage issues and the relationship between parents and children. Both of these concerns are very valid in terms of the changing society and some mindset not getting changed with it. I personally believe for myself that it takes me enough courage to accept few changes happening around me and I am not generally comfortable with all of them. It also happens at times that I am okay validating something that’s about me but when someone else is doing the same, I judge them immediately. We call this as human nature and leave it behind but the fact is that humans have kept on evolving otherwise, we would have still generated fire by creating friction between two flintstones.


There’s a scene where Varun gets to know that like him, even his father wants to take divorce. This suddenly ruins his mood and he gets into a victim mindset. Something that he felt was right for him all along in his 5 years of love marriage when he decided to part ways with his wife, he couldn’t appreciate his father taking the same decision. Why? Just because it also involved his mother in it who’ll have to suffer heartbreak and loneliness in her old age, right? But wasn’t he also suffering the same loneliness irrespective of being in a marriage of his choice even when he lived under the same roof with his wife?


This reaction happened only because the character of Varun couldn’t look at his parents beyond being his parents. He couldn’t understand that they are individuals in themselves and there can be a situation where they would like to leave the marriage behind  and move on even after 30+ years of living together. Children should understand that their parents are more than being just their mother and father respectively. They are an individual themselves before being a parent. Our society is created in a way that a couple’s life gets completely changed after having a baby and revolves only around them but that doesn’t make them just parents and nothing else. They can still have their own life, choices, decisions which can be against what family believes. Until when can an individual take decision that co-ordinates with family? There comes a time when the volcano of frustration and silence bursts out and burns everyone.


Similarly, there’s another scene between Varun and Kiara – according to me which is the most well-written piece in the movie where they are complaining about what went wrong in their 5 years of marriage. Though it has also been shown in first few minutes of the movie but this scene makes the characters speak about it to each other. You realize in that scene how things were very clear in their home since long but both of them remained silent about it which led them to this outburst which is like contradicting all your earlier silences at once. What if they had regularly discussed about what the other partner wants before taking any decision? If it wasn’t in compliance, how can they do it in a way which doesn’t impact another on an emotional level.


Kiara tells it to Varun in another scene about how he is wrong about his family which he is unable to take it. We must accept that there can be a possibility that an outsider or someone not in 1st circle of your family understand your parents and siblings better than you. We get very offended when someone tells us that we don’t understand our parents, siblings or children well. When someone else tells us something about them or how to handle them, we get irritated or just shrug it off thinking – It is my family, I know how to handle it. But the truth may be that we don’t. We are one another walking creature on this planet and not God. We can’t be perfect. There is a chance that someone else is closer to our favorite people and we must accept this fact if it comes as a fact and not interference. Hence, either our attempt in life should be to be closer to our family and know about their changing attitude and preferences and not get surprised later on or we should give the other person the authority to serve them before us if they deserve it. We are family by chance not choice hence there is possibility of not being so well-equipped with their wills and dreams if we have been mostly self-centered or busy in our own things.


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