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MAKE YOUR LIFE EXTRAORDINARY RIGHT NOW: Secrets to Better Living from the Supergurus (Book Review: 4.5*/5) !!!

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16th Book of 2022


I remember reading a wonderful compilation of some beautiful chapters from bestselling books worked upon by Aleph publication house named “Become your best self right now” last year. I am very glad that Aleph is continuing with this series that has resulted in release of another book named “Make your life extra-ordinary right now” – the tagline of which says “Secrets of better living from the Supergurus”. I don’t think there’s any reason left for anyone to not pick this book up when another element on the cover page of the book mentions “Books by these authors have collectively sold over 100 million copies worldwide”.


The book has compilation of chapters from the bestselling books or articles from the following authors:

  • Hector Garcia
  • Sadhguru
  • James Clear
  • His Holiness the Dalai Lama
  • Jeff Keller
  • Grant Cardone
  • Louise Hay
  • Brene Brown
  • Daniel H. Pink
  • Napolean Hill
  • Randy Pausch
  • George Clason
  • Joseph Murphy
  • Paramhansa Yogananda
  • Dale Carnegie
  • Sheldon B. Kopp
  • James Allen
  • Viktor E. Frankl


The book has been divided into three different sections such as: The path to a good life, success and prosperity. The first section talks mainly about how we have to conceptually lead our life on daily basis to create long lasting impact which can give a positive tone to our life. An excerpt from the very famous book “Ikigai” tells us how to implement workout of our mind as it results in a youthful body in long term. Then there’s another extract from Sadhguru, a very popular spiritual guru who shares four practical tips to ensure that we wake up the right way, for a healthy and joyful life. Dalai Lama’s chapter teaches us to be compassionate towards everyone and treat the whole humanity as one. Brene Brown explains how to cultivate authenticity and letting go of what people think about us. I am glad the Aleph Editorial Board chose to include an extract from Paramhansa Yogananda’s transformational book which gives us insight on Yoga system that speaks of the Eightfold Path. Dale Carnegie, another popular author, tells us how our people skills can make many things easier for us to achieve than other efforts involved in it.


By the time you think that the book is speaking more about mindset and thoughts and less about actions required to achieve zenith performance, another section begins on Success which will just push you harder to take your hustle on a different level altogether. James Clear talks about the two-minute rule – that every time you find doing something tough just commit yourself for two minutes daily on it and eventually it will become a part of your routine with the amount of time it actually needs from you. Daniel Pink speaks of five steps that can bring us closer to mastery. Dale Carnegie who again appears in this section talks about how we like to excel against our peers naturally without requiring any extra push and also shares with us some tips on how to be an effective leader.


Finally, talking about the last section which talks on how to grow your wealth and prosperity – you will not be given exact advises on how to protect your money or multiply it but it will give you highlights that can make you think about money if you have yet not given much thought to it. The one chapter that I really liked in this section has been about putting 10x effort in order to achieve 10x success than our competitors written by Grant Cardone. Joseph Murphy’s chapter on how our mind can give us the access to the new sectors is a positive read.


Overall, this is yet again a light motivational and inspirational book that can help you achieve the mindset or that push you were waiting for. You can finish this book within 2-3 hours easily but I would advise reading it a page a day and apply the learnings in your life and journal your own experience after implementing it. There is a consistency in the way chapters are ordered as you can relate with the narrative editors have wanted to create for us to process the learnings easily. You will find many beautiful quotes and suggestions in this book which you’ll want to highlight hence keep a highlighter with you before even picking this book. I give this book 4.5 stars out of 5.






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