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Fast But Lost by Dr. Pallavi Joshi (Book Review: 5*/5) !!!

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I have always been interested towards living an urban lifestyle. I remember how madly I wanted to be in a metro city when I was residing very well in a 2nd tier city which wasn’t much less than a metro city. Only after shifting to this competitive and fast lifestyle where if you don’t keep on progressing, you find yourself largely behind than all your friends and peers which starts affecting your personal as well as social life. Hence, I always love watching movies or reading books based on characters who are surviving with their up and down emotions in an urban setup. The same interest made me pick up this book of around 215 pages named “Fast but Lost” written by Dr. Pallavi Joshi. It also has the tagline which says “Overcoming depression in city life”.


To start with, I must say that the cover page of the book is very beautiful and specific to the topic. If not the title of the book, at least the cover page will surely make the readers give it a chance while roaming around in bookstores. Writing an all-and-all non-fiction book based on depression is a very scary and gutsy choice because we have so many psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, doctors and even people like actors and social media influencers guiding us on this issue. It can become very challenging for the author to write without thinking about what would people say about her treatment and overcoming methodologies.


This book is an answer for every question you had about your anxiety, stress, depression, suicide and every related thought. It is a very well-planned book which speaks of every point in a very structured manner. Author ensures that you don’t get lost in big terminologies hence keeps the book simple without making it sound overwhelming to the reader even once. There were times when I cried or wept while reading few sections as it talked about emotions or moments I had gone through in my life and in few scenarios, I am literally going through them currently. Pallavi has ensured that she doesn’t miss even a single reason or trigger that causes depression so that any of us who pick the book find something for us in it. I am telling you covering all these aspects is not an easy task at all as it deals with various kinds of human emotions.


Joshi has nicely made us understand the most asked questions about difference between psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor and therapist as well as sadness, stress and depression very appropriately. Similarly, she has busted many myths related to depression in initial chapters itself which helps us clean our mind and learn everything she tells with an open mind. She also elaborates upon symptoms of depression that is surely going to make it easier for you to understand the type of depression you are going through. I really got emotional every time I read any section based upon patient’s case studies. I am glad author put it all so well.


My personal favorite has been the 4th chapter where author mentions each and every aspect which can cause us depression along with explanation, case study, solutions and when to go to a psychiatrist. Some of the discussed aspects are as follows: break-up, marital discord, infidelity, death of a loved one, exam stress, parenting, elderly care, job loss, infertility problems, diagnosis of terminal illness, sexual orientation etc. Dr. Pallavi has also made us go through the very popular talk therapy called CBT and the connection between situation, thoughts and reactions. She also explains other therapies as well. Author talks elaborately about suicide which was very necessary to be discussed. I was quite surprised to know that even suicide has its types. I am glad author has written this chapter as it has many information which can help you get away from suicidal tendencies and also make you equipped to help others going through the same feelings.


The book closes with the chapter on how lockdown and Covid scenarios made a great impact on people’s mental health. Author summarized the whole two years in few words but it was enough to trigger the emotions as each one of us have gone through this phase. Overall, I must say this is one of the most perfect self-help books I have ever read. I will recommend this to everyone. Please don’t let yourself feel alone. This book is going to be your first savior in the crisis. And yes, not only for the people from urban lifestyle, this book can be read by anyone residing anywhere doing anything and going through anxiety, stress, sorrow or depression. I give this book a perfect 5 out of 5 stars. I am just mesmerized and I would like to show my gratitude towards Dr. Pallavi Joshi for attempting this.






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