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Creative Entrepreneurship: The Walt Disney Way by Virender Kapoor (Book Review: 5*/5) !!!

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It happens that we know a well-known personality or an inspirational figure but we often don’t have knowledge about the journey behind what it took them to reach the position they are at. Walt Disney has been one such figure for me. We are lucky to have Rupa Publication who is publishing short books on such figures regularly and making us accustomed with such personalities who can definitely lead to some positive change in our attitude towards our life. I have just completed reading “Creative Entrepreneurship: The Walt Disney way” written by one of my favorite authors, Virender Kapoor. This is a short book of just 135-pages which tells us enough to get inspired and motivated by the life of Walt Disney.


You can complete this book within two hours itself and that’s what Virender has also mentioned in one of the sections that if the world is loving short videos in reel format and you produce your marketing videos in long format then there’s going to be minimal traction in your product sale. He is writing biographies in the same format whereas it can be written in around 500-pages because every such personality has a wonderful life journey but Virender choses to describe it in as less words as possible to make it easy for people to read and grasp the learnings from their life. I like how Virender doesn’t keep things for readers to interpret but either through his direct conversation with readers or the headers of the section, he makes it easier for people to understand what are the takeaways of the respective piece.


Author is successful in providing us the lessons from Walt Disney’s life if implemented can definitely moot our life to next level. The courageous and hard-working attitude of Disney is described very aptly. I was able to imagine him while working on his creativity. The best part is how Kapoor has narrated the whole story keeping in mind the theme of creative entrepreneurship which is also the title of the book. The current era is all about people in creative field wanting to build their own brand through their content – either online or offline. This book will definitely make them understand the skill sets and attitude required to walk on this tough path.


I am glad that Virender has not only used the successful achievements of Walt Disney to influence us but also discusses about his failures, mistakes and ego issues. It is really fulfilling to know that an achiever like him also had issues to deal with. Author also talks about how his marriage life was thoroughly impacted due to his passion of creating cartoons and animated characters. We also get to know about his depression being highlighted and given due attention even in the era of early 1900s – something which is considered taboo even now in 21st century for many of us. How his over-obsession led him to treat his colleagues and sub-ordinates badly that many of them left working with him. We also realize how he couldn’t understand how to handle money throughout his career due to which he was always struggling with it being in debt most of the times.


The last chapter is such a powerful boost as it lists down everything that we can learn from this powerful creative and determined man named Walt Disney. Post the last chapter, author yet again gives takeaway pointers in numbered bullets for our ease. Virender has written this short biography in a manner which can be gifted to someone who’s just 12 years old and this will be an interesting read even for someone who has retired. There are not many short book authors who can manage to write for such a vast range of audience. I give this book 5 stars out of 5. It deserves nothing less. It’s enough to transform your attitude at work and lead a successful and determined life.






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