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What "LIFE of PI" teaches us in that one single scene...

1987th BLOG POST

2021 – The year I think will always stay with me as a memory – a memory – bad or a learning one – I don’t know – but the date whenever I’ll have to mention 2021 will give me goosebumps. It has been very difficult in all terms for me – either personal or professional. Luckily and I should also give credit to my resolution towards bettering my health that this department stayed great for most of the times. I also tried many experiences for the 1st time such as a long road trip of around 3200 kilometers which is something I always wanted to do since we started owning a car as a family. But all of these examples are like few good scenes from a bad movie which you’ll never recommend to anyone. At times, I think why did I even had to have these few good experiences in the year which I would always rate as one of the worsts for myself. I could have kept it due for 2022 or maybe for 2023 or well, 2024.. and so on…


You must have watched the movie – “Life of Pi” starring none other than Irrfan Khan who is no more with us. I always wanted to watch it but I think it was destined for me to watch it only in 2021 i.e. 9 years after its release only after I have suffered same experiences. Thanks to Amazon Prime otherwise I don’t know how much time it must have taken more for me to reach the movie. Obviously, the whole movie is worth watching and every scene is a delight but something that stuck with me is one of the last scenes in which Irrfan Khan cries while narrating it. Even I cried in that scene and it tore my heart like anything. He speaks of the instance where their boat finally reaches the shore and the Tiger finds a forest nearby. He feels that Tiger will once turn back to see him before getting back onto his life as he had done everything possible to protect him for months in the middle of the sea. But Tiger doesn’t turn back even once and enters the forest without giving a damn to Irrfan Khan’s character. It hurts him so much that even after years, it makes him cry remembering the event.


Seeing that scene, I felt as if it was so much about me. No, I am not trying to portray myself as someone who is always good to others but still gets ill-treated. I am talking only about one-two people here with whom I tried my best to ensure that the relationship gets strong and beautiful gradually or instantly, but when it came about showing the same love back to me, just like that Tiger, they didn’t think twice about me but went ahead in creating a great life for themselves without caring about my feelings. It made me understand that movie so well because it wanted to tell us about the basic nature of few human beings who doesn’t care about what you did for them but the moment, they find a good opportunity for themselves, they’ll move ahead without worrying or giving a damn about you.


And the recent two cases had happened with me in the year 2021 itself and I just couldn’t stop crying watching that scene. I could feel the pain Irrfan Khan was trying to portray for the only time he cried during the whole movie. You see people choosing a different set of people than you when it comes to their priority irrespective of whatever efforts you have put up to include them in your life. You see people not even coming to say a good-bye to you for whom you did everything for every day you were with them just to make them feel pleasant and not miss that broken part of their life. What is the solution or remedy to this? Is there something which can provide you immunity against such people who cares and loves themselves more than you even in conditions where a small gesture could have made you feel loved?


I don’t think there’s anything that can ever protect you against such gestures of people. You are bound to get hurt hence you should never ever expect. Yes, the same old cliché advice but we don’t know how we end up having expectations in relationships and keep on punishing our heart, mind and sometimes, even our soul. And let me tell you – healing a broken heart and mind is still easy and time-limited task but healing a damaged soul can take your whole life. Wish we had little sensitive people around us to understand that. Maybe they aren’t wrong. It is we who lack understanding of people or the circumstances lead us in expecting from them. Something needs to be corrected within us and in our lives to ensure maximum happiness from relationships we indulge in. Well, that’s it. I know the start of 2022 is getting quite depressing on this Blog but I am unable to get away with the pain 2021 has left upon my soul. May God bless me soon with a happy soul.





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