6 January 2022 | By: Writing Buddha

Starting New Year 2022 with THIS POST...

 1986th BLOG POST

So its 6th day of the New Year and even after trying to be regular on this space, I couldn’t manage to be here for more than 35 days in a row now. There has been no post in December 2021 at all. I feel so bad for it but then things don’t work out as per your plan sometimes. Few things take all your energies and attention even when you don’t want to commit yourself to it. Life happens and we are just an observer to it. 2021 was a very horrific year for me and I would never be able to forget and forgive the Superpower that made it happen with me. You can’t always judge yourself, but I can judge this much that I didn’t deserve a bit of this. But then, the Superpower is not in our control, but we are in control of it. You must accept few consequences and make yourself come to terms with it.


Since 2009, I have started journaling my life and I know every good and bad days of my life. It has been such a great phase where my graph only went upwards since then till 2019. But 2020 came up with things I had never expected to happen with me. I know whenever we talk about 2020 and 2021 – we only talk with troubles Coronavirus caused us. Coincidentally, these two years got me into some other situations which made my life a living hell. May be, the planets and stars were not in good positions for any of us – hence, some suffered in 1st wave of covid, some suffered in 2nd wave whereas few like me suffered due to some other scenarios in life. But SUFFER, we DID! I got my job switched twice along with bigger concerns than this in life.


I wanted to write my 2000th Blog Post in 2021 itself and had planned so well to get onto my target but it couldn’t happen as I mentioned, I was away from all this and was fighting a difficult situation back in my life for 6 weeks. My grandmother left us during the same timeframe which made it little more difficult as I didn’t have my parents with me for some time. I had my sister with me during this phase but even she had to leave abruptly which happened so sudden that I couldn’t respond to everything happening in my life the way I should have. Too many movements sometimes distract you from what you had targeted to reach upon. Your destination becomes blur and after a point of time, you leave it for God to show you the way you must walk upon.


Every time, I am so very excited to welcome New Year with open arms but this time, it seems nothing prominent has shifted in my life. This New Year doesn’t even excite me. I have yet not worked upon my Resolutions nor have I gone through my 2021 Resolution list to understand how I fared. Because what matters to me right now is that I survived everything I went through. Whenever you go through shits you were not prepared for, you automatically prepare yourself in becoming a strong person you could have never been otherwise. If everything starts working the way we expect it to happen, where will the craziness of life go? One of the biggest properties of life is its randomness. If you take it away and things start working the way you want, you’ll destroy more because of the realization of how powerful you are – that- things always happen the way you want it to happen. Let ourselves be the puppet of life and enjoy the ups and downs it asks us to go through.


I know the 1st post of the New Year has sounded quite depressing and confused in a sense, but I can’t be one of those who put a fake face to the world whereas they are going through something completely opposite in their personal life. At least, I don’t pollute my Blog Space at all with such pretentions. I might certainly do it on Instagram. Haha! That’s one of the reasons why I stayed away from writing a Blog for weeks because I can’t post reviews and posts talking about entertainment and success when I am failing at things personally. I hope things get normalized soon in life so that I can again expect things to happen at its own pace rather than throwing 10 bowls at a time at me to play all of them with just one stroke. God, I am still not that strong. Take it easy on me. At least for some more days. With this, wishing a very Happy New Year 2022 to all of you reading this. Hope your life is sorted out and you are enjoying another property that it has – BLISSFULNESS! My prayers and wishes are with all of you. Do pray and wish for my betterment too. I am suffering a lot. Hope 2022 brings a new light for me to walk towards it with the same enthusiasm and power I have always shown in achieving things for myself. 😊


Thanks & Sorry for this Post.




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Dev_Ruhela said...

Although yeah it sounds quite depressing and confusing as it's the 1st blog of the year but after all we all know that life is full of uncertainty. You might be happy right now and the next moment can make you confuse and sad but we have to handle every situation in our life wheather good or bad if it's good it's gonna be a positive memory and if it's bad we'll surely learn something from it.
Happy new year 2k22✨
Hope this year brings peace,love and lots of success to you ❤️
Just don't forget to enjoy another property of life: “BLISSFULNESS"
We have to remember that no-one on this planet is always happy even Elon Musk should have gone through hell but it was just a bad phase of his life and now see he had used all his experiences and learning and became one of most whelthiest person on planet earth .
Only solution to every problem is just “NEVER QUIT" :)

Thank you.❤️

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