20 January 2022 | By: Writing Buddha

It's OKAY to be a little IGNORANT

 1989th BLOG POST

I remember a time when I felt that I need to know everything – everything damn possible to know in life. I felt that it is the way to grow in life. It is the way to feel something about myself. It is the way to create impression in front of everyone whenever I am a part of group. I tried doing it all during my college days when I didn’t skip a single news or tweet just to ensure that I am updated with every damn thing. I always wanted to be the guy who knew the most. It was a kind of craziness that had gotten into my blood. I had become unstoppable. It is the same reason how and why I ended up reading more than 500 books just during my college days itself where education was tough in itself to conquer and score eligible marks to get a good job.


If you ask me today, I am still little bit the same person as I get frustrated if I end up missing reading newspaper due to workload or something. It is one of the primary reasons why I tried adopting an early-riser lifestyle than being a night owl. Even though I know that when I work in night, I am more productive. Still, I decided to change my routine and convert it into being a morning person so that I can finish updating myself with all the knowledge before my day starts. It has been helpful in many terms but if you ask me truthfully, I still love being a night person. Every time I am about to sleep on time, every cell of my body fights against it. Every atom in my body wishes to stay awake for some more time and still try to wake up early in the morning – because it has also understood the benefit of waking up early.


Anyway, with experience, and after suffering few unwanted incidents in my life, mainly in last 2 years which has been very tough upon me, I think that it’s great to not know things you have nothing to do with. Yes! Recently, a friend of mine shared with me his Google Drive folder which consists of all the recent movies and web-series which people are talking about. When I went through the file names, I was surprised to know that there are many contents which are popular among people but I don’t even know their titles. Earlier, I would have got very ashamed of myself but now, I am very proud of myself. Proud because I didn’t run towards the direction I didn’t want to go to. If out of 50 web-series, I know only about 5, I’ll aspire to keep myself updated only with these 5 of them otherwise all my time would have got spent in updating myself by spending 10 hours each on every web-series. Isn’t it good that I don’t know about all these contents?


Similarly, if someone doesn’t know that a Cricket match is going on, he/she will not spend time in front of television for 5 days to find your team losing the series. Likewise, when we find our life being dragged into a blackhole from which it’ll take us a lot of time to get back on track, we start finding solutions to it. It is the same time when you start believing in certain theories you never knew existed. I have seen people believing in meditation, astrology, tantric vidya, black magic, tarot card reading, reiki, Japanese theories and what not. They start trusting in Godmen who promises to bring their life back on track by conducting some rituals or reading some mantras for you. This, then, becomes so hopeful for you that you trust on these entities more than working upon yourself, your life, your body, your mind and your people.


Hence, it’s better to not know many things. If you know things enough for your survival, I am telling you that’s all you need to stay happier on this planet. The more you want to know about things that doesn’t matter to your health, wealth, career and happy life, the more you are pushing yourself into the pit from which you’ll never be able to come out at all. And let me tell you, undoing the things you have done or unknowing the things you know is a very difficult task. It needs a very different kind of conscious strength to make this happen achieving which is not everyone’s piece of cake. Therefore, don’t try to know everything that’s happening around you or world. It’s okay if you don’t know what’s happening in UP elections. It’s okay if you don’t know about an International statement which has insulted your nation. It’s fine. You just try to learn things needed for you to live your life happier from the time you wake up in the morning till the time you close your eyes to sleep at night. That’s it. That’s all we need to know.





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