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Kapil Dabur: "We grew up watching Ramayana and Mahabharat and it still fascinates us when we watch it on television" (Author Interview)

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Kapil Dabur recently released his book- "The Signet Ring" in a way that it talks about both - Mythology and Modern World. I read the book and found the story very intriguing which made me speak with the author and have this interview in place so that we can get a bit into his mind.

Today, the author is celebrating his 39th Birthday and we wish he keeps on writing such great stories for us which can make us aware about our God and the tale that we haven't still heard.

It's time for all of you to cherish the interview now...

Hi Kapil, can we know something about your background before getting into our questions on you becoming the author.
I was born in Ghaziabad. My Dad worked as an Engineer in PWD department with UP govt. I studied across cities as Dad got transferred every 2-3 years. I completed my Bachelors in Commerce and then went to IIM Bangalore for my MBA. I worked in Blue chip firms like Airtel, Reebok and Vodafone for almost 8 years before launching my first start-up. I ran it for about two years and then came back to Corporate world. I joined Home Lane and then moved to Arrivae. My wife Ruchi is an interior designer. We have a son, Aditya. 

So how did you get into writing.
It has its origins in my first Start-up. I was working as Retail head with Vodafone in Ahmedabad when I decided to launch my own Start-up in the Home improvement industry. Being a first-generation entrepreneur, it was a lot of struggle, hard work and learning on the job. I used to compare and contrast my daily experiences as an entrepreneur with the ones when I worked in the Corporate world. I decided to combine my experiences and those of a close friend of mine and wrote my first book, Unusual choices. That’s how it started.

Please let us know something about your book- The Signet Ring.
I was always fascinated with mythology. I used to read a lot about Greek mythology, the Greek gods, the way they are epitomized in numerous ways. I did some research on that and zeroed on Lord Hanuman. I studied lot of books, articles on the internet about these topics and simultaneously worked on my concept note. It took me about six months to do so. This book picks up the life and stories about Lord Hanuman, his devotion and relationship with Lord Rama and goes on to create a story line embedded in the present times.

How tough was it for you to learn about mythology, religion and epic tales to prepare for this book?
It was not difficult at all. We grew up watching Ramayana and Mahabharat and it still fascinates us when we watch it on television. I am an avid reader and I thoroughly enjoyed my research for this book.

How were you able to speak such an intriguing thrilling story within 170-odd pages as I believe it had potential for a much bigger novel?
I kept working on the core idea of the book till I could summarize it as succinctly as possible. I decided to include only the most relevant incidents, facts that fit in genuinely with the plot. I deliberately kept it a sub-200 pages novel.   

As per your belief and knowledge, who came first or who is bigger- Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva?
I strongly believe that they are the same. Both of them are manifestations of the one supreme energy. Both epitomize different aspects of creation. Lord Vishnu is more about nurturing life and Lord Shiva is more about destroying the excesses that endanger life. 

Also, I would like to know from you- Ram believed in having relationship with just one woman whereas Krishna is believed to have married many women – can you please explain this theory to us?
Lord Rama wanted to symbolize ideal living that’s why he took oath to marry only once during his current avatar. This is why he married only Sita.  When it comes to Krishna, he had eight primary wives. All of them are the divine forms of Mahalaxmi, the primary consort of Lord Vishnu.   

What are you writing the next?
I am working on a mythological fiction. 

What would you like to say to the readers who have trusted in picking up your first book?
I would first like to thank them for appreciating my work.  I hope to surpass their expectations with my upcoming books.


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