3 August 2020 | By: Writing Buddha

5 Years of Work Experience.. Does Professionalism means Being Formal?

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Today, I complete 5 years of work experience. When someone says, time just passes by, we generally don’t understand until we feel the same emotions. Something similar is going within me when I realize that it has been almost half a decade since I started my career in IT. It seems that I am yet not established but to say - 5 years have gone by. Working has always been a fright in college days whenever any professor used to make us realize that all this fun shall disappear once the companies shall start coming up for placements or we shall be out for trying our luck.

Luckily, for me, the experience of getting my first job was not that difficult. The first interview call that I received after completing my Post-Graduation was the company that ended up giving me Offer Letter with which I continued until this year. I have also ended up having my first company switch in my 5th year. I have always believed that when you are a part of an organization, I understand that the primary job is always to earn and save money but it is also about the bond that you share with your employer. If you start leaving organizations just after you have learnt things, it is quite a selfish motive. I believe in learning within an organization, growing our skills and then giving back to the organization with our special skills and tact. Until and unless, it is not two-way process, working in any organization doesn’t feel like family.

I agree that organizations are selfish when it comes to laying off etc. but that is not what happens always with us. So let’s not work with a negative mindset. Let’s take things positively and contribute as much as possible. Make something that stays with the organization even after you leave. Your tenure should end but your legacy should stay. Innovate processes. Create useful documents. Establish great team leaders. Build great relationships. Serve your clients and customers as much as possible. Our actions should stay as determined as possible. We shouldn’t wait for any kind of credit or acknowledgement to come in our way. If it comes, its great. If it doesn’t, we shouldn’t worry because we should be assured that whatever we have contributed shall bear its fruits today or after we are gone – but it shall surely benefit people whom you worked with.

I have been lucky to have a great people with me in my first organization who didn’t thrash me when I did mistakes but always pulled me up and asked me to try again and complete the job myself. This also gave me courage to change my profile and come to a better place where my heart was/is. Like always, people helped me tremendously during this movement and the support that was provided shall always stay special to me.

Recently, when I thought of changing my job and I started giving interviews during this phase of Covid pandemic, the way HR and all the respective people who took my interview were so polite to me as they were aware about my tough decision taken during a situation when market is down and there aren’t much jobs in the market. All such compassion shows that when its about professional world, we need not be too formal – if we take things to human level, there can be relationships developed even right from the first call. There were certain issues in my process for which my current company and other companies who were in talks were helping me with which says a lot about how you can also have personal talks with the professional contacts in your first call itself.

I can only say that I have had beautiful experiences in these first 5 years of Work Experience – joining a company as a Fresher – taking responsibilities of something out of my profile and skill sets – developing great relationships with everyone- my seniors, peers and juniors – having spiritual talks with the entrepreneur of the organization – discussing personal issues with the Director of the company – changing my profile – leaving the job during tough times – being jobless for a month – my first few appraisals and promotions – switching the job – having multiple rounds of interview – accepting an offer letter out of many organizations etc. I wish the next 30 years of my work experience – in case I end up being an employee itself and do not initiate anything of my own – gives me many such experience and relationship which shall keep developing my personality each and every day.

May God Bless Me!



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