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Dalal's Street by Anurag Tripathi (Book Review: 3.5*/5) !!!

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There are few topics on which Indian authors don’t write much but these are the topics if brilliantly written, wonderful stories can be crafted out of them which can make readers excited and eager to know about this world. One such topic I wanted to read from a long time was on the world of stock market but unfortunately, I couldn’t find any book from an Indian author. Recently, a book with the title “Dalal’s Street” caught by attention and I directly picked it up and completed it this weekend in spite of busy schedule.

The book is written by Anurag Tripathi- this is his 2nd book after Kalayug. The book is of around 200 pages and I must say the writing style of Anurag is very fast-paced which makes it easy for you to complete this book in minimum sittings as you go on turning page in excitement and eagerness of what would happen next. The way author starts the book focusing on four characters who are just getting out of college and trying to choose the stream they would want to work ahead in the future, the book gives you great expectations on their chemistry and journey ahead. In the beginning chapters itself, author also gives reference and backdrop of a man who is father of one of these characters which makes the read more interesting as it sounds like the screenplay of some movie.

After the story starts post introduction of characters and the way these people start juggling in this world of stock markets where everything is grey and confuses them as they find it difficult to understand how exactly the market plays, the story starts becoming intriguing. Here onwards, author uses his research and knowledge about Stock market up to his best abilities. Author tries to manage to assure that his readers understand the terms and jargons of Stock market before they end up getting confused as to what is happening with these characters and their clients in the book.

I liked how author was able to cover everything- in spite of Stock being the main focus of the book, there are also pieces of love, romance, betrayal, lust, greed, violence, action, technology etc. The pre-climax is very greatly managed and when you think the story has ended, the last chapter really surprises you with the twist. How the whole market and scenarios can be changed and manipulated by just one man scares you and next time, definitely, you shall have multiple questions whenever someone would ask you to buy shares of some organization. The book really gives you many information about Stock and Shares and in the end, author shares the glossary which I appreciate a lot.

Now talking about the few drawbacks- I feel author did justice mainly to the two male characters but missed out the other two females completely. They are just brought about in between to bring little bit of twists to the story but they don’t have great story of their own. Also, I feel that author could have added elements of mafia, politics involvement, bankers etc. to make the story more dynamic than it already is. I also felt that sometimes author really went deep into the jargons and integrities of the topic which makes it little hard for normal readers like me to immediately understand what is happening and what are the consequences of few actions that the characters are performing.

Overall, this book is fast-paced and narrated very well. I give this book 3.5* out of 5.



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