5 October 2019 | By: Writing Buddha

Birthday Post:- 10 Life Lessons I learned in my 20s

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So, finally, the worst fear has become true- I have left my 20s behind and stepped into my 30s. I don’t know if one should be happy about this growing up thing, but it makes me feel very scared. Who doesn’t like being in 20s forever? This has been the best of the three decades of my life. I managed to complete my Graduation, Post-graduation and a part-time Post-Graduation too. I got my first job and five different designations. I got into reading and it became life- 510 books and still counting.. 40 books done in 2019 itself. I explored writing which I never knew I enjoyed so much and ended up writing 1800 Blog Posts. I also got several opportunities of rubbing my shoulder with celebrities at events where I got invited as Blogger. I also tried and now I am reviewing Health and other products on Instagram and enjoying even this. Finally, in the late 29, I started Youtubing and I already have 3 videos on the platform and ended up having a century of subscribers.

What I have shared above are few of the major events between my 20 to 30. Along with them, there have been many small but catalysing moments which impacted my life for good. Now that I have turned 30, I can look back and suggest few things which people in their 20s should take care of. This is the advice to all the boys and girls who have just crossed their teens and are nervous about what to do in their 20s like how I am feeling while entering my 30s.

So here are few points which shall definitely help you in your 20s--

1.       Start Exercising- Nothing above health
This is the one thing where I couldn’t concentrate due to my workaholic nature as I always kept myself involved in one or the other tasks but this has made my body very weak for which I’ll have to face low energy and immunity throughout my 30s and even in future if I don’t make Exercising, cardio, jogging, gyming, running, yoga my regular lifestyle. And let me tell you- there will be times when you would want to enjoy and explore a lot, but your body won’t support you hence please ensure this is the first thing you start if you have already not started.

2.       Learn to spend time alone
In your teenage, you spend most of your time with your friends, television, internet, movies etc. but never concentrate upon who you really are. This impacts a lot when you are in college or go out for searching job. You don’t realize who you are and that gives you an identity crisis. Hence, learn to be alone at times. Just sit quietly for 15-30 minutes daily and do nothing and just think about things you have gratitude for and what do you feel about yourself. If possible, try meditation and make it your lifestyle. It changes your perspective altogether.

3.       Save Money
It is easy to say that money can’t buy everything but let me tell you except the 1st point above and few people, money can almost buy everything. It is very necessary. Hence, develop the habit of saving at least 20% of whatever you shall start earning and I tell you when you shall reach your 30s and look at what you have already saved whereas your peers have not even begun, it gives an incredible feeling that your life is getting sorted.

4.       Experience Everything
In the quest of saving a lot of money, don’t become miser which I ended up becoming. Haha! Try experiencing everything once even if it is out of budget. I am not saying that go for Dubai trip when your salary is only 10,000 a month but anything that shall not impact your pocket very highly, do not back out. When you are in a group and people talk about something which you have never experienced, it gives a very big inferiority complex hence better than that is spending some money.

5.       Make Less Friends but Worthy Ones
This is the biggest problem that one encounters when one has already got associated with a company which always talks about useless stuffs and not something which can empower you and change your lifestyle and color your world. It is great to plan traveling, going for hang-outs etc. but it’s more important to talk about careers, future and priorities. You are more or less as powerful and weak as a personality as per the people you hang-out with hence kindly change it if you are actually wasting your time in chit-chatting and Whatsapping with these people on useless things.

6.       Get into Relationship
This is not as easy as it sounds because not everyone is lucky to find a partner. Haha! But I tell you when you get into relationship, if it is something that adds value in your life, you shall grow twice than you are currently doing. But in case you get a bad partner, you learn to end relationships in a better way. In case nothing good comes out of the relationship at all, at least, you have gone through heartbreak which again triggers somewhere in you to become a better person in life. And you never know you might end up finding your life partner.

7.       Learn as much as you can
Never feel shy of getting yourself enrolled in any kind of courses even if it is not related to your field or career. If you feel like, get into it, learn the art or skill, and keep practising what you learnt. It makes you understand the different dimensions of life. And it opens your mind to accept any work in future after college. You know economy gets hit and recession comes at any point of time, these skills help you keep earning with your unlimited skillsets. Otherwise, you shall end up getting jobless and clueless about future.

8.       Develop a Hobby/Passion
Remember one thing- what you learn in college, everyone does. Everyone attends the same lecture and gives the same exam. What you do at workplace is what everyone around you of your department is doing. There is nothing great about it which shall uplift your life and spirit. It is your hobby or passion that you pursue after the college/work that empowers you and gives you your identity. I started reading and blogging from the day I joined by Graduation and let me tell you, I have marched through many depressing moments just like any other thing without getting too much impacted by it. Also, I got many opportunities and attention just because of this.

9.       Read as much as possible
If that’s your hobby and passion like me as discussed above, then it’s sorted but if it’s not then I would recommend you start reading. Start with newspaper. Then pick up a book the title or cover page of which interests you. You can also subscribe to Amazon Kindle Unlimited which is very affordable and gives access to unlimited books or join a library. You can also subscribe to the magazines. Read Bhagawad Geeta. Read everything that comes across you except Twitter-Facebook-Instagram timelines. They are waste!

10.   Weekends are the Key to Success
What you do on your weekends define you! Yes! This is the last point and the most important one. If you just sleep or binge-watch movies or end up in a fast-food joint/mall and spend the whole day there with your friends, I am telling you these are 104 days of the year. More than a quarter of the year. Use it effectively. As I already said- Join classes or courses that elevates your personality and moots you onto the next stage whereas your friends and competitions shall be wasting their weekends in the above mentioned useless activities.

I hope you find the above points effective. Let me know when you touch your 30s if following the above tips helped you feel better or not. I would be waiting for your response. Even if you are 29, you can start following them. Even 3 months of lifestyle is effective, a whole one year can transform your life completely. And if you are 20, think what you can do to yourself in next 10 years. This is one of the most exploratory decade of your life hence God Bless You All and yes, don’t forget to wish me a Very Happy Birthday!

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