20 October 2019 | By: Writing Buddha

1800* BLOGS in 3734 Days with Lakhs of You!!!

It takes time! It takes time to introduce the concept of Time Management in your timeline of the day! It takes time to give yourself time for doing the things you love doing! It takes time to reinvent your routine to make yourself someone at least you would look forward to! After buying time from my life for doing what I felt would give my life a dimension that shall keep me strong, now, after Blogging and writing and reading and thinking and creating and capturing details from the day regularly for last 10 years now, I am very satisfied with the regularity that has been maintained. Today, we are meeting on this 1800th BLOG POST which I only thought in the beginning but seeing such centuries being executed, it gives me the world’s best pleasure.

You give me option to watch movies or play games or go travel, I would choose none but to stay with myself, think, introspect, come with my own version of things and share through this sweet medium all of you gave wings to. I know one day I shall get separated from the amount of financial success I shall have. I know I shall be away from the people I believe are my best friends. I know I shall also lose my parents someday though this is the only thing that scares me. I know I shall also keep losing jobs that I would have dreamt once to be in. But one thing I am very certain about- everything shall keep coming and going in life but this BLOG shall stay with me until and unless my mind and finger works in the way they are needed to keep this going.

Last year, on my 1700th Blog Post, I had discussed with all of you regarding how the domain was changed keeping some things in mind and it has just worked wonderfully this year. I got many contracts and this small little tiny brand called WRITING BUDDHA is growing. The amount of pain that I take to be active on all the social media accounts continuing my full-time job that takes at least 14-16 hours every day including traveling, many people who come for contracts don’t even believe that there’s only one person behind this space- WB. I am not saying this out of arrogance but with peace in my heart that is in its zenith state finding the space grow up with years. Who knew in the beginning that even after a decade, this space shall be relevant and people would like to read and share it with their friends and we shall reach 18th Century of Blog Posts.

I hope you remember that I had discussed in my 1700th Blog Post that I shall be venturing into the space of Vlogging before it phases out. And today I am glad to tell all of you on this event of 1800th Blog Post that we already have a Youtube Channel with the same Channel Name- Writing Buddha already streaming four videos on Book Reviews. Now many of you must have cursed in your minds- Udhar bhi Book Review yaaaar. So, guys, let me tell you that it takes time for someone like me who is half-introvert and half-extrovert to come and speak something in front of people or camera. I am bloody conscious person and I just keep thinking if I am enough interesting for people to listen or watch me. This blog was also started with the same apprehensions initially though now I don’t feel any fear in scribbling whatsoever is in my heart. By next 1900th Blog Post, I shall assure that the Youtube Channel has many videos which doesn’t talk about reviews but the way we discuss life and things here on Blog. But let me build some confidence with the videos on reviews which I am currently trying to get comfortable with in front of camera.

This is 3734th Day of this blog and with 1800 Blog Posts which tells us that one post has come in around every two days, you can understand that I have almost lived with this Blog. If last 10 years shall be asked to be summarized, I would completely dedicate it to my Blogging and Reading habits. Reading gives me perspective, vision, ideas which I then meditate upon and think what I feel about it and then scribble it out here with purest of my heart without manipulating anything with the content. I have never believed in showcasing two different personalities- the one in real life and the one in my Blog. What you feel me as a person on Blog is what I am in my real life if you meet me in isolation in my bedroom when I am alone with myself. The moment people come around me, as I say, I get little conscious and don’t speak my mind because people judge, isolate, withdraw, ridicule, argue like anything. At this age when I have just turned 30 this month, I find myself in much more silent space than a space where I want to rub someone’s ego except when it’s a client at office who talks silly. Haha!

People often ask me how you are able to read 50+ books, write 100+ blogs, be socially active on Instagram, Facebook Page and Twitter along with a full-time IT job which in itself is so exhaustive. I believe that we are always working for someone else all our life. If in Professional environment, we work for our entrepreneur and client – If in Personal life, we work and live as per our family – If in Loneliness, we are on Mobile/Social Media just so that our friends find us interacting with them and don’t call us someone who ignore them.

When are we working and doing something that we really like ourselves? Never! And that is why when a stage comes when all of these starts reacting in a non-co-operative manner i.e. when job is not going great, family is not supportive of some of our decisions, friends forget us due to their own busy lives, we find ourselves directly in deep depression and don’t understand where to go to. Hence, everyone should always have something that drives them because it is being done for ourselves. Today, one can take away everything from me but not my thoughts, blogs, knowledge and maturity I have gained from books. If I had not done this and had concentrated on my job and friends only, I don’t know in which rehabilitation center I would have been because job is so energy-consuming and stressful whereas friends no more exist the way they were – even a phone call doesn’t touch me on my Birthday – when more can you expect them to remember you if not Birthdays. But the Blog is what keeps me motivated, inspired, happy, blissful, content, satisfied, loved, interactive, energetic and what not. Hence, please start doing something that no one can ever take away from you.

Now ending this Blog Post on the 3734th Day, I would like to thank all of you who made it possible for this space to retain itself and actually go beyond its decisive frame of work. From just a Blog page, we got into Book Reviews, then Event coverages, then professional Instagram contracts, now we are also into Product Reviews and finally also ventured into Youtubing. I am still not enough successful to do all of this full-time and take risks in life but I am being supported enough which makes it easy for me to just sleep for 3-4 hours and still work all day with more energy than anyone else. There is a passion that has been created in whatsoever I do. Hence, I would like to thank everyone who have stayed by, read my stuffs, promoted and shared it, messaged me about my content about what they feel about the latest update etc. Please be the way all of you are. Let’s meet in 2020 with 1900th BLOG POST!

Your Support is my Success!



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