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The Last Love Letter by Kulpreet Yadav (Book Review: 3.5*/5) !!!)

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There are some authors who already have a fan-base but yet couldn’t become quite famous but whoever gets touched by their work remembers and respects them always; case similar to actors like Konkana Sen or Rajkumar Rao. One such author, I believe, is Kulpreet Yadav who has already written more than 6 books. I have read his latest release named “The Last Love Letter” which is my first attempt of the author’s work. The book is around 240 pages and published by Rupa Publications. There are very few books which can manage to keep you excited with their storyline keeping everything simple and yet entertaining and emotional. This book gives you the same experience.

TLLL is a light read but still talks about many things which matters to the lifestyle of a normal human being. We shall discuss it later in the review. This book belongs in the genre of Love, Romance and Relationships. Any book that belongs to this genre is scary to me because in last decade, I have read so many college romances that I just wish to stay away from any book talking about love affair between two people. It is generally all cliché and nothing else. But then comes a book like this one which doesn’t talk only about the conversations that the two characters have in love but much more than that. It talks about the dilemma, past experiences in life, belief and prejudice one has for love, other things that stops a person from falling in another relationship, memories etc.

This book speaks about characters which are very well portrayed by the author that you are able to understand their mindset where they are coming from. We have Akash who has just lost his wife and is single parenting his daughter and considering his responsibilities towards her and his true love which still exists strongly for his wife, he is questionable about falling in love with Subah. On the other side, Subah has been betrayed in love so horribly that she has started hating every man for the same reason and doesn’t want to get involved even in conversation with any man leave falling in love. But then she meets Akash and his daughter and comes to know about the tragic death of his wife and knowing his concern towards responsibilities he has for his family, she is questionable about falling in love with Akash. On the other hand, we have character of Rohit who gets attracted towards Subah before Akash and wishes to date her but when he realizes his friend and her coming closer, he steps back. There are many such characters who contribute to the love story of these two opposite characters and speaks on how they get together.

I like how author has given version of both the characters about each incident and scenario which makes you feel connected with both the characters as it seems both of them are thinking aloud to ensure you know what they are going through. The book is very well written and its narration is very powerful. Even though it’s a simple story it wants you to know what happens next with these characters and how are they going to cope up with their conditions.

Talking about the drawbacks of the book, the storyline is very predictable and I wished if author could have played more with suspense effects at few places and made the story little more interesting. And even if author wished to keep the storyline simple, at least the story could have been completed in 190-200 pages just as Anuj Tiwari does. Overall, the book is a light read as I said above and it could be a good filler between the big and thrilling novels that you must be reading. I give this book 3.5* out of 5.



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