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Movie Review: Mard ko Dard Nahi Hota: Funny but not great! **

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I remember watching an interview of Radhika Madan and had thought I would never watch her movie because I found her being too bubbly for no reasons. But when I heard about the movie, Mard ko dard nahi hota, from so many people on social media I thought of watching it on the digital platform. Surprisingly, the movie is also the 1st movie for Bhagyasree’s son, Abhimanyu Dassani. The movie has a feel of Hollywood flick, Deadpool, throughout as it carries the same logic where the protagonist of the movie does stuffs by thinking aloud and regularly sharing with you rather than being as if he is meant to do all these superlative stunts.

The story is about this boy who has a disease where he can’t feel physical pain. With this his childhood is portrayed in most of the first half of the movie. It is very interesting to watch those segments as the chemistry of him with his father and grandfather is amazing. His father wants him to behave normal whereas his grandfather wants him to behave special and do things he feels like doing. He watches a lot of movie in his childhood and becomes fan of Mani (played by Gulshan Devaiah) who his specialist in martial arts. Growing up, he sees dream of becoming one like him and as soon as he gets chance, mostly in the 2nd half of the movie, he does too many things in some of which he wins whereas in some of which he falls flat and gets himself and his childhood crush, Supri along with his grandfather (played by Mahesh Manjrekar) trapped.

Frankly speaking, there is not much in the plot of the movie but basically thrives and survives on the references it regularly gives of other classical movies and those thinking-aloud slow-motion stunts and action segments of the protagonist. These scenes are even a tribute to those movies but also a sarcasm and parody of those cliché storylines. I felt that the movie is too ambitious because of which writer /director- Vasan Bala has ended up delivering a not-so-very-good edited movie. There are many segments which are unnecessary and mainly just after interval, you actually start getting bored. Talking about performances, everyone has done well but no one except Radhika Madan and Gulshan Devaiah could enter my heart.

I also believe that a very powerful storyline with a great purpose to the theme could have turned fortunes for this movie but alas, except critics, it is sure that audiences didn’t love it as much as makers and critics must have wanted. Even the concept of not feeling pain is not encashed properly. The climax is amazing and makes you smile while getting out of the movie but doesn’t stay with you for a long time. Overall, I found this movie bit below average and I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted. I give this one 2* out of 5.



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