31 July 2019 | By: Writing Buddha


1780th BLOG POST

It gives me immense satisfaction and happiness to share with all of you that my Blogging journey has completed its 10th Year today. On this completion of a decade and 10th anniversary of this beautiful journey that has not only been just another thing for me in life but almost life itself. I know the dimensions of life is very vast and cannot be defined with just one factor of it with what I do with my Blog and writing but this makes my life feel purposeful. When I had joined my Graduation after completing my 12th standard, I was aware of the leisure time I would be having as we generally study only when exams are near. I wanted to do something which could give me a pleasure of utilizing both- my time and skills for something better which shall make me proud someday. This thought gave birth to this platform you know as WRITING BUDDHA which has almost 1800 posts now.

When I write here, I write for myself and as soon as my heart says whatever I wished to speak has been scribbled and I go for the round of editing, it is when I think of all my people who follow this portal and like knowing my perspective on things, books, movies, products etc. It all comes from heart. Many people say that Bloggers are just for earning through their influencing platforms but let me tell you my friends, this was started with no knowledge on monetization and even if you shall go through this website, there are no advertisements except few Amazon banners of the books that I have reviewed so that it’s easy for the readers to go and purchase it from there easily. With time I got little bit of opportunities to connect and collaborate with few brands, authors and publishers but it has never been out and out advertisements but posts full of content talking about both- good and bad about the stuff I considered for the write-up. Hence, I have always written it for myself, first, but keeping in mind people who follow this medium religiously.

You would think why I am going on a defensive mode all of a sudden to clarify all of the above. Well, I understand that when your work is not just your work anymore but becomes a part of everyone’s life as I know people who seriously wait for my posts and even ping and abuse me when I am off my blog it becomes the responsibility to make people know the purpose behind this medium. And what good occasion can I get then this- 10th Bloggaversary! I am always thankful to all of you for staying by even when you know that I am not getting time for my personal opinions and life to be shared with all of you and what comes out is just the Book and Movie reviews that too on an average of once a week. I have promised many a times in my previous such festive posts about my seriousness towards giving lots of personal posts but failed due to tough job life and other things I am associated with. So, this time I won’t be promising anything but still I say, I’ll try to fulfil everyone’s wish by trying to speak my personal thoughts as much as I review books.

On this occasion, I would like to talk about the hobbies and passion that you have. Yes, YOU! Why should this post be only about me and Writing Buddha when it has been possible to stand tall even after 10 years because of YOU, isn’t it? I would request everyone reading this post to not waste much time on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Whatsapp, Instagram and other digital platforms but concentrate upon how you can create something of your own of which intellectual property rights shall be with you and no one can take away from you. I feel very sad for people these days as I find them only investing time in following stuffs others are creating but not creating something from their piece of life as I believe everyone has an artist or skilful bone in themselves. Hence kindly identify if you have not already and rock with your stuffs and show people what you are capable of rather than only liking and sharing stuffs created by others. Definitely do that because you shall get inspiration from there but surely do something of yourself. Enough for you. Bas! Haha!

Before ending this post, I would like to inform all of you that I have finally managed to create a Youtube channel for this platform with the same name- Writing Buddha. I have embedded the first two videos below which I have published as of now. This is something which I wanted to do from last 4 years but the confidence was something that held me back. I finally picked up my DSLR, recorded the video, edited it using a video editor I had never even heard in my life and published it on Youtube. The feedback has been fine and hopefully, this Youtube channel shall not only have book reviews but I shall be discussing and talking on many other topics and my views upon things I have strong opinions on. I want you to please subscribe the channel and comment your views and let me know whenever I go wrong so that I can improve myself and get better with each video.

With this, I wish the nature to allow more positivity to be around me so that I can generate more contents and stuffs and share with all of you and hope this blog shall stay for many more decades. Please keep supporting.

Your Support is my Success!


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