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Travelthon Tales by Tikku's Travelthon/Anuj Tikku (Book Review- 2.75*/5) !!!

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This is the 3rd book of Mr. Anuj Tikku which I have completed reading named “Travelthon Tales”. Anuj has published it under his publishing banner name “Tikku’s Travelthon”. To start with, I must say that the Cover Page of the book is very creative and beautiful which made me pick this e-book for reading. Anuj Tikku has shared his personal experiences of Traveling through this book which either consists of his personal account and other short stories which are based upon the people, locations and the conversation Tikku had with people he met while traveling. Some chapters are written as fiction stories which are also interesting to read.

After reading this 3rd book by Anuj Tikku, I am sure that he should move out of e-book now and start getting his thoughts published as paperback too because his books share the kind of experiences and tales I believe I have never found in the work of any other author. This book is of just 70-odd pages but at the end of it, you shall feel as if you have read a long autobiographical account of a traveller.

There are few important chapters/sections that I liked in this book such as the one where the monk and prostitute’s reference is nicely given. Another chapter is quite spiritual which is based on a popular monk and tells us about the power of within. It is very nicely conveyed. The climax of two chapters where sex gets attention is so nicely scripted that you want to learn what happened after that. Haha! The few chapters which are based on locations such as Kedarnath, Ganges, Kapil Muni Temple has done total justice to the background of the spots. Being a Mumbaikar, reading the chapter on Mumbai which is based in the old times was an interesting read. The last story which is based on thriller aspect is also interestingly crafted.

Now, talking about the drawbacks of the book, I must say that because the book has been projected to be based on traveling and because the author also owns a Youtube channel based on traveling, I had expected more about his personal experiences on traveling or the way he travels different cities differently considering the distinctness of each of them. The book is very short considering that and very less chapters express such detailing. Also, author, when, writes Hindi words and sentences in English generally does not write in the spelling which are popular in Hinglish which becomes hard to read and enjoy those sentences as they are not always translated in English by him. Except this, I must say this book is a light read between heavy literary books if you are on a reading marathon like me. I give this book 2.75 stars out of 5.



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