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The Break-Up Clinic by Dr. Govind Sharma (Book Review: 2.75*/5) !!!

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I shall always remember the author, Dr. Govind Sharma, for writing short books of less than 200 pages. “The Break-Up Clinic” is the 3rd book I have read written by him and like the last two books, this book is also a very short story which can be read and completed in a single sitting. This book comes with a tagline “You only live once, but if you do it right Once is Enough”. I didn’t understand why this quote has been given a place on its cover page considering the book is more about a dark topic based on certain situations few youths end up in rather than a motivational/inspirational book.

The book is based on few characters such as Ajay, Karan and Nisha where all of them have been ditched by someone in the love relationship some or the other way. All of them are either heartbroken or turned into an aggressive person or wishes to take revenge. The two doctors who play the important part in this book, Doctor Dev and Shweta, are the ones who apply different kinds of therapies on these characters and ensure that they come out of their current victimhood situation and get back to their life in a very powerful manner.

The book has discussed about the psychotherapy and behaviour therapy implementing which the people who have been affected by the end of their love relationship can be treated in a very safe and familiar way. Hence, you shall go through many related words such as psychoanalysis, cognitive behaviour therapy, Freud, Transactional analysis, Gestalt Psychology, Non-directive Therapy etc. The book definitely gives many information that I wasn’t aware before this. This book is an awareness for these kinds of therapies which can be used on depressed people who are impacted by their love relationships.

Talking about the drawbacks of the book, the book is not written in a very exciting manner the way author has written his last two books. The book is quite straight where either the therapies are discussed or the case history of each of the characters are narrated rather than building a great plot keeping the whole play of story in the front with these elements of therapies in the background. Also I felt that author could have played wonderfully with the characters which he missed in his motive of writing this book. Overall, I shall give this book 2.75* out of 5 only for the awareness that it provides with its short read which can be finished within 2 hours.



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