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The End Of Romance by Amitabh Satyam (Book Review: 4.5*/5) !!!

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There are rarely books which hits you hard because of its gutsy representation of the issues it wants to discuss with its readers. One such book that I have just ended up reading is “The End Of Romance” written by the 2nd time author, Amitabh Satyam. The book also stages a tagline: - “Lessons in Patriarchy, Feminism, Rights and Privileges”. The cover-page of the book is all black with an image of a person having tears in eyes which essays that the book is on a very dark subject which might be depressing or discouraging for some. To protect you from not picking up this book in case you can’t handle it, author has very widely mentioned the segment of people for whom the book is written for.

As the title of the book says, this book can seriously lead to the end of many romances if things are actually thought the way author has discussed this debatable topic with such confidence and fearlessness. The book basically talks about the injustice and extreme take women have on men these days because of which they either start abusing them directly/indirectly, asks for certain privileges which is completely invalid considering society as one, blackmails men just because they know they have an upper hand considering the kind of laws implemented in India where the men are directly accused without any kind of witness or proof.

The accountability of feminism is questioned so severely that while reading the book, you would want to share every page with so-called feminists and tell them what exactly this wrong class is doing in the name of feminism rather than the things that should actually be done to embrace the right to equality. In the name of feminism, how women have forgotten that it’s about equality and not getting privileges just for the sake of what happened with women years and centuries back. Right from the 1st page author has started discussing incidents where men have been treated badly, violently or aggressively just because he did something which women thought is not as per their expectations.

Author starts the book very well describing how the two genders kept getting far from each other up to the mark where one of them have started hating the another up to such an extent that they are ready to kill and accuse even the gender lying in their direct relationship. Author has done an extensive research and mentioned many reasons why women turn abusive towards men. Author has also given examples of different types of abuses women does upon men. Author has also given references and statistics to prove his words. Even the privileges and entitlements are mentioned in one of the chapters while reading which I was completely shocked to know the kind of laws India have got submerged into that has made achieving this gender-equality almost an impossible thing.

This is one of the most hard-hitting books I have ever read. There has been many articles, blogs and books about women suffering but there was none about men as per my limited knowledge. The new perspective that this book gives is a surprise and a new angle through which you can see the same scenario. The way the whole thought process and psychology of women are changing due to this thing called Feminism is only been touched upon from an Eagle’s height by these ladies is very well covered in this book. The good part about the book is the way author has written it:- Section-wise, chapter-wise, pointer-wise to make it more specific to prove his points.

After saying all the good things about the book, there are certain things I would like to talk as the drawback of the book: - The book obviously is quite biased as author never talks about the ill that some men also perform to make the resolve of women stronger of getting more emotionless towards men. After some point, it feels that author is cribbing against women way too much. Though the book is surely very well researched but at some places, author has for certainly made generic statements. And then there are certain crimes against women which has been justified which looks wrong if you read the book neutrally. The only biggest problem this book can cause is either making the men too hateful towards women or making women think that men actually don’t think good about them as it is already said everywhere.

Overall, this book will either be completely loved by the readers or completely thrashed. There is no middle-way as it has been written in such a challenging manner. This book is a great read post which you would enjoy debating on this topic as you get to learn a lot. I give this book 4.5 stars out of 5. It’s recommended if you want to read something very different and straight-forward.



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