17 February 2019 | By: Writing Buddha

The Experience of Meeting The Man Who Changed My Life- ROBIN SHARMA!!!

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Sometimes few people or books or things change your life at the most unexpected time and your life doesn’t remain same after that. I was in 12th standard and had no goals or objectives in life. The only thing I loved was to be on text messages with my loved ones and spend as much time as possible over it. Similarly, cyber cafes in India was a new thing then and I loved surfing Internet and exploring new websites every now and then without even realizing the amount of money, time and energy I was wasting in it. One day, someone asked me to read this book by an author called Robin Sharma named “Who Will Cry When You Die?”. I liked the book’s title like anything as I was having suicidal tendency then and I thought it is something which I would like to read and know.

The very next day I went to the railway station’s Wheeler Book Store and asked for this book. I saw that the book has 100 chapters of a page each which seemed easy to finish. I finished that book within a night and when I turned its last page, I was a self-realized and self-evaluated person already. I had got changed for life. I understood how important this small thing called Life is and how big we can transform it into with just few basic manipulations in our daily routine. I went to the Railway station again on the next day and bought “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”- the most popular book of Robin Sharma. After reading this one, I just couldn’t sleep for some days in frustration and irritation of how much I have already ended up wasting myself.

Few days after this, the first Big Bazaar got opened in our city and I went with my mother for some shopping. There was a small book section there which luckily had only Robin Sharma’s books and one copy each of only those books which I had not read till then. I went to my Mother and requested her if she can buy all of them for me. They were quite sum of amount considering the middle-class budget. My mother rather than giving silly excuses of buying and finishing one and then going on for purchasing the next book, in a hope that at least her only son is thinking of reading something allowed me to put all the books in the cart. After some days we went for vacation to our native town which has 36 hours of railway journey. I carried all these dozen books of Mr. Robin and finished all of them in the journey and at my native town under open environment in my maternal grandfather’s farmhouse.

After reading all his books which were published then in 2010, I was someone with whom even I started enjoying the company. I had become so positive and wilful. I never said NO to any challenge post then and did some tasks I believed earlier I would have never been able to even discuss them leave picking them up and actually executing them. A boy who was failure at everything started getting better. The one who failed twice in his Junior College passed his High-school, bachelor’s degree and two Master’s degree without failing in any subject even once. Even with Blog that I created myself, I have been able to take it up to a certain level all by myself just with the belief, confidence, inspiration, energy, motivation and will this man called Robin Sharma has charged into me.

He is the only writer in whose work I find every sentence a motivational quote. He just does not know how to write a normal sentence. Every sentence he writes is like those great carvings on Taj Mahal. It seems he has taken a lifetime to craft each sentence. Every sentence is legendary and special and impactful and what not. His words are epitome of energy and there can be nothing over that which you can point at and say makes you feel limitless as human being. I had wanted so much to meet him since I finished completing just his first book which had changed my thought process for the very 1st time but I knew it was nearly impossible considering he stays in USA and comes India very rarely. But fortunately, with an event being arranged by Jaico Publication and Crossword Book Store, I booked my tickets for this special workshop which was to be conducted by the man himself on the principles he has discussed in his latest book named “The 5 AM Club”.

I had gone with so much of emotions that I am going to experience a person live who has changed my life that I was uncertain how I would react on seeing him in flesh and blood infront of me. And how should I express my feeling of seeing him speak in front of me and providing so much of motivation, inspiration with his great insights on life. He is a man with such positive vibes that the moment I saw him in front of me and till now after 9 hours of it, I can still feel the vibrations and energy within me. And this is not a normal excited feeling which shall go away after some time. It has 100x impact than what his book has had over me. Now I am beginning to look at my life ahead with more excitement and energy. The handshake opportunity that I had with him shall stay with me all my life to pull me up whenever I fall down in life.

It has been such a Dream Come True moment for me. 16th February has become an immortal date for me now which shall be celebrated each day in the memory of this special day which has surely transformed my life little more the impact of which shall be visible sooner and stay for the longest possible time. I thank the organizers for making it possible and also would like to appreciate Tisca Chopra for conducting such a beautiful session for a short period when she was on stage with him.

Thank You God and Universe for Providing Me This Opportunity.

Some pictures from the event:- 


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