26 February 2019 | By: Writing Buddha

The Code by Mukta Mahajani (Book Review: 4.75*/5) !!!

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The 3rd book of the year which I picked up to read was again from my favorite publication house, Jaico, named “The Code” written by one of the prominent authors, Mukta Mahajani. The book also has the tagline of “Awake the hidden wisdom of your heart”. I have always hated reading any kind of short stories- either fictional or non-fictional. It has been on very rare occasions when I have liked a book consisting of short stories. This book gets into this rare shelf of my book consisting of my favorite books featuring short stories. Authoress has divided the book into few prime parts such as Conquering the Ego, Controlling Over-competitiveness, Mastering Overexpectations, Overcoming Jealousy, Curbing Overambition, Taming Anger and Beating Procrastination.

Each of these parts have several stories proving us why we need to follow a certain pattern in our life which can awaken the hidden wisdom of our heart. After every story, authoress has shared a paragraph referring it as “THE CODE” which is such a gem that I wanted to click each one of them and get it framed. Before this, it has only been in the case of Robin Sharma’s books and few other couple of authors where I have found every chapter or paragraph as gem. The questions on which authoress wants us to contemplate has been shared after each chapter which is such an introspective session that you would find it very hard to answer those questions and the moment you find an answer for that, you would understand the power of the story and “the code” shared just before those questions.

The book provides wonderful insight on the personal and professional life. What I liked about the stories shared by the authoress is that all of them are so unique and distinct that you will never get bored of reading them even in one single sitting. I took 5 stories each day and I must say many of those have got ingrained in my mind and personality. Another good thing that I need to mention is the quotes that authoress has mentioned before beginning of every story. How wonderful those quotes are that I just want to remember all of them and keep them with myself just like “the codes”. Overall, this is one of the rare books where I liked almost all the chapters. I would rate this book 4.75* out of 5. Highly recommended! Mukta, I am fan from today onwards.



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